The Sky-Watcher 130mm Newtonian Telescope (A buyer’s guide)

A guide to the Sky-Watcher 130mm Newtonian Telescope

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Presented by Ralph Bell

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IKazzahLegend says:

Got this today, excited to try it out and hopefully get it going without any issues 🙂

imanishay says:

can anybody tell me is this better than the heritage 130p or is the heritage better

Johanna Magnemyr says:

Hello. I am from Sweden and I wonder what your shipping costs. I was thinking of buying the following telescope.


Astronomy and Nature TV says:

@xVeraful Hi there, thanks for watching! The change of livery colour does not, to the best of our knowledge, mark any design change of the telescope mechanics or optics. A&NC

R. Walton says:

Yeah, Nikos770, you can see Messier Objects with this telescope. Expect most of the views to be well within “fuzzy blob” territory, though. I get pretty good detail on a couple of the Hercules globular clusters; also, the Dumbbell Nebula looks pretty nice through this scope and a 10mm Plossl eyepiece. (Screw you, Youtube, for removing the “reply to comment” feature.)

camaroboy1905 says:

my christmas gift from my girl 🙂

neil19781978 says:

I bought one of these and saw Jupiter within minutes of setting it up. I can’t wait to see Saturn.

kri1612box50cal says:

so are everything you are looking at upside down? and can you fix this bye buying a special eyepice?

Morven McCallum says:

This is helpful as the telescope I bought is second-hand, but the previous owner has lost the manual!! I can’t seem to find a replacement manual on the web…does anyone know where I can get one?

xacupofteax says:

Where can you find these anymore? I’ve looked online and can’t seem to find it.

John Fraser says:

Hi I was wandering whether to get the 130m or the 130p, I heard the 130p has a clearer image but a shorter focal length than the 130m. Any help would be great!:)

whatsthatthing says:

Thank you for great information 🙂

Mladen Mijatov says:

Am going to buy SkyWatcher 150/1200 Newtonian telescope. Anyone has experience with these? Are they good?

rampike74 says:

I have got a similar 114/500.

MurkDzombi3s says:

I’m looking to buy a telescope uber 250$ I desire to look at stars, the moon, other planets just space in general any good ideas or links for websites? if you could help me thanks!

wetluv4 says:

I will be buying my first scope soon. Is it difficult viewing with glasses on? Or do you view without your glasses.

maxinator6809 says:

Its a figure of speech for very solid.

Jonny Smedley says:

Is the celestron version Any good as I was thinking of buying it until I saw the sky wacher

Taipans says:

Did you try Amazon?

Diddleshot says:

Bought this telescope from The Astronomy & Nature Centre place, a brilliant supplier, highly recommended.

TheisticThinker says:

Got this telescope today aswell, I’ve since my early childhood been interested in space, and now I am very into physics and cosmology. This is my first real telescope so I am very excited to try it out when it isn’t cloudy.

Phil Short says:

I recently bought a Skywatcher 130 EQ2. I am only interested in viewing the moon and the planets. I can’t understand how the equatorial mount can possibly assist me to easily track them. The moon and planets don’t revolve around the north star. I therefore think I have wasted my money. I have found the equatorial mount very difficult and inconvenient to use for looking at the moon and planets. Should I bin the Skywatcher and get a telescope with simple elevation and azimuth adjustments? Back in 1981 I had a Tasco 114mm reflector which was far easier to use for viewing the moon and planets compared to my Skywatcher contraption. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Phil.

12POSEIDON12 says:

thanks for upload

Astronomy and Nature TV says:

@m4n52k10 Hi – it sounds as though the secondary mirror (the mirror near the focuser at the top of the tube) may be dewing up. When this happens remove the eyepiece and shine a torch into the scope and examine the surface of the mirror for dew. Hope this helps. Regards A&NC

m4n52k10 says:

i have a Newtonian Telescope but sometimes when i look threw the eyepiece i see a blurry image every where i look but the next day its fine not sure what this means

Nik says:

Can i see messier objects with thisnscope ??

m4n52k10 says:

@AstronomyAndNatureTV Thanks that really helped =)

jgstargazer says:

@neil19781978 Saturn is always a joy. Mars is visable in the east at midnight, it looks like a bright red “star” to the unaided eye.

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