The Celestron C6-N Newtonian Reflector…

In this Video I give a quick from the field review of the Celestron C6-N Reflector telescope. I also show what this telescope can do with a DSLR camera!


Andrew Wilson says:

hello,would the v6 work with the skywatcher eq3-2mount?.great channel by the way.Andy.

Michael Skokauckas says:

Thanks for the comments and feedback!  Tonight I’m taking the Celestron Galaxy Hunting to see what she can do…I’ll keep you posted.

Mike Morgan says:

Nice video and images. You really need to autoguide to get to the next level. I don’t know about the Meade mounts, but on the Celestron you could rig something up with a webcam and rs232 cable, if you’re handy. 

Paa Hawkins says:

Sucks that it’s discontinued without the mount. I already own an AVX mount and would love this OTA

WarFreak131 says:

Hey Mike, I just bought this OTA and I have a question.  I’m going to do some prime focus photography, and people have been saying that you can reach prime focus using a DSLR.  Assuming you use a DSLR, how far in do you have to rack the focuser to reach focus?  I want to stick an off-axis guider in between the draw tube and the camera and I wanted ot make sure I have enough room to do so.

g Stallings says:

Good stuff, Michael!

Latner32 says:

just a quick little question. is stellarium compatible with the telescope? just wonderin

Pedro Sobral says:

hello! I’m possibly buying this telescope, but I don’t know if it’s good to see planets like Jupiter or Saturn. I’m buying it new at 
but I also saw a C8-n (31061) a little more expensive, so I’m not sure which I’ll choose. But my question is if they are good to see solar system planets… Can you help with this? Thanks

thewalloby says:

Awesome review Michael, i am getting one of those babies based on your review 🙂

Netty Voyager says:

i thought you was from texas

Michael Skokauckas says:

Hello WarFreak131, thanks for checking out my video!  Yes, you can do Prime Focus work with the C6-N.  The 1.25 eyepiece adaptor screws off of the focuser allowing you to attach a DSLR T-Adaptor right to it.  Using my Canon Rebel while at perfect focus I have about a half inch of inward travel left with the focuser.  I have not used a off-axis guider with mine and that may be a problem with the stock focuser considering how big the focuser is…you may want to change out to a Low Profile 10 to 1 crayford to make sure you nail focus.  Let me know how it works out for you!  Clear Skies!

Wanda Conde says:

I am new to the hobby and have a pretty similar setup. I use it on an Advance VX mount, so I am able to do autoguiding and take longer exposures. My only complain is the significant amount of vignetting that I get b/c I live in a very light polluted metropolitan area. I recently bought an Orion 80ED Triplet which takes beautiful pictures, but I still love the spikes on the stars that only a reflector can give you. People have asked me if I will discard my CN 6 and my answer is always the same….NO way!!! Hope you are still enjoying the views on this scope.

AstroSkyGuy69 says:

Great Video!

I just ordered the Advamced VX 8 CN on the VX mount with the Skyportal Wifi unit, The GPSync and 5amp Power Adapter so I am looking forward to getting mine by this Thanksgiving weekend. I was going to purchase the VX 6 CN package with the 6 inch mirror but it was like 125.00 more for the 8 inch and it came with some accessories.
I have read nothing but great reviews on the both the OTA of the 6CN and the 8CN and even the package deals that comes with the VX mount. I am using my 8 Inch Zhumell DOB but limited to just single exposures of nothing more than 5 seconds without getting star trails so this package I ordered is a huge step up for me.

Here is the link in case anyone is interested. I myself added the AC adapter and GPSync for a 150.00 more. but this is a great deal for this mount and scope!

Bunny Duck says:

I own one of these mounted on a Celestron AVX mount.

I am not pleased with the quality of the 1-speed rack & pinion focuser, as it shifts the image when focusing.

From just looking at it, it would appear that the hole through the tube for the focuser would have to be cut out larger to accommodate the 2″, 2 speed focuser……..and I cannot find such a thing as a 2-speed, 1.25″ focuser.

Has anyone ever seen one?

The other option would be a JMI motorized focus adjustor……or get rid of the C6-N and get the Orion,  Astro-Tech, or Explore Scientific 8″ Newt.

Any suggestions for a remedy, or do I trade?

Netty Voyager says:

i bet that c6 -n pisses all over all your other telescopes and i bet you get better pictures out of it than the 12 grand you bought was well spent, but i bet you wished you started with one 😛

John Edwards says:

Michael, I am looking at picking up a Celestron C6-N Newtonian Reflector Telescope for just under $600.00 Privately I can send you more info as it is still posted for sale, but I wanted to get your idea of the cost. Did you say in the video that you paid less then $300.00 for the model you are highlighting here? Thanks! Great shots, would have liked to have seen more. Keep up the good productions.

Duskangels says:

I like this guy!

Vladimir P. says:

I just got this C6-N as a throw in when buying an HEQ 5 pro mount, and I am struggling to see how to connect it to my Nikon DSLR. Not sure if I’m missing a piece, but could you shed some light on how you connect your Canon. Also, are you saying that this Newtonian needs no modification to shoot prime? Thanks!

michael carquez says:

is that a aftermarket focuser and if so what is it called and where did you get it?

Weyoun319 says:

This is the Pimp my ride version of this scope 🙂

helge nordal says:

Good work, you are inspiring, nice pictures you posted 🙂

I also own a Meade LXD75  with a meade refractor 6″, and noe i want to switch to a new OTA, but I can not make up my mind 🙂
can you give me an idea, I want a big enough ota, without compromising the tracking on the LXD75?

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