The Best Telescope for BEGINNERS (Visual Astronomy)

The Best Telescope for Beginners:

Buying your first astronomy telescope is a step towards a new level of appreciation for the night sky.

Almost 8 years ago, I bought my first telescope – a Dobsonian reflector – just like this one (just smaller). The experiences I had with this telescope early on propelled my love for astronomy.

I believe that an 8-inch Dob, like the one featured in this video (Apertura AD8), is the best telescope a beginner could start with.

Order the Apertura AD8:
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Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
Focal Length: 1200mm
Aperture: 8 Inches
Focal Ratio: F/5.9

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Ken Munoz says:

Amazing that you’ve progressed to this level/degree in those short years-you’ve obviously found your obsession.

Might you suggest to your viewers that the inventor of the Dobsonion intentionally refused to patent his design as a gift to all going forward, that it allow inexpensive access to all- as his obsession, was a desire to share with all.

Great channel! I wish I had your tolerance for computer work. As a schooled photographer, your results are incredible!

bhasdresh Patel says:

I have apertura AD 10 just tell me how to use properly…I am living in India

Machiavelli III says:

Another superb vid Trevor, apart from the content, I really admire your editing work. Music and filming are excellent. Are you a professional documentary maker?

Dino's Workshop says:

No fake here. I also did my first observations one night with a department store manual 50mm scope checking out the moon. I was so amazed by the detail I was able to see. It was cold and me and the dog spent a couple of hours chasing the moon across the sky. Get a motorized mount for sure. Anyway, just like you that episode is what sparked my interest in AP. A DOB is great and affordable but you will have to chase objects.

Kai Salovaara says:

So great and inspirering to kisten to a true enthusiast explaining to us other amatuers what to buy. We, my son and I, have a Sky-Watcher Heritage 114-p Virtuoso. I was so amazed looking att he mood for the first time, actually seeing the mountain ranges in 3D. ‘When I can afford it I will buy a bigger one. Thank you again for a fantastic presentation.

Aquatic Borealis says:

Would love to have one of these. But I would have to leave the city to see anything. This looks too big to transport around.

Oleg Lane says:

I have orion xt6 dub and I love it wish I got a 8inch instead of 6 but the 6 is fine for a new astronomer.

JohnPaul Sein says:

Trevor, i was wondering what are your thoughts on the Meade DSI IV? im wanting to get into astrophotography .. is this fine or should i goto another brand?

John Batchler says:

In a 80mm refractor u see adromeda Galaxy as a tiny cigar

WDE1121 says:

I respectfully disagree with the notion that a non go to dobsonian is a good begginer’s scope.

Even if you know the night sky well, it is hard to locate objects other than planets. This frustrates beginners to the point that they give up.

In my opinion, everyone should start off with some type of go to scope so they can enjoy the hobby.

Aidan Robertson says:

You know the moon? Yeah? It’s fake. It’s a hologram put up in the Sky by the lizard people who live behind the hologram and watches us. When Neil Armstrong went to the moon, he discovered it was fake, so he tried to tell everybody and spread the word, so the lizard people 360 no scoped him from the moon so the people of Earth wouldn’t find out.

Share with your friends to spread the word, tell everyone the truth.

Have a great day, no haters in the comments, the lizard people will kill you if you hate on the believers.

Peace out ✌️

Michael says:

Have you taken any high resolution photos of Saturn and it’s rings, just wondering what capabilities a deep space telescope has at close up images of planets in our solar system, cheers

B&K Bees says:

My first scope was the Orion XT8 and I regularly recommend that option for people looking for a beginner scope.

Eli Corp says:

Okay, so I have had a 5″ Newtonian for about 6 months. I really enjoy it. But I am still learning and trying to get into astrophotography, and I have a question.
I am getting a new 8″ Newtonian for Christmas (Thanks mom!) and I have an equitorial mount that came with my 5″ Newtonian. Taking photos has been a huge challenge. It has a focal ratio of f5. So, Prime Focus was not possible with my DSLR – which was quite frustrating. I want to avoid this with my Orion 8″ OST, but I think it is also a f5 scope, so I assume I’ll run into the same Prime Focus issue so I’m trying to figure out mods I can do. Which brings me to my question. I know you are just one person Trevor and can’t answer everyone’s questions, but I know there are some forums out there that have lots of people with experience making mods.

I have been lurking around CloudyNights and StargazersLounge but I haven’t committed to joining either one. Does anyone have any advice for which one to join? What are some pros and cons of both? Which has a bigger membership/better responses to questions in forums? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!

Daniel Krausenecker says:

Hello. Can you also make a long-term close-up of the landing zone of apollo 15 on the moon? That would really interest me if man can see something there. Unfortunately, my equitment is not enough but you would have a cool for :-D. Cool Videos and Pictures u got. What would also interest me by the way, do you also use filters for the atmospheres reflections? Good JOB!

Michel B says:

I will never forget when I saw Saturn for the first time when I was 12, I was like “OMG so beautiful”!!!!

Sor Sor Science07 says:

That’s an awesome video, thanks. How is this for astrophotography? Is there a way to maybe put a star trackre on this?

Caio Souza says:

Amazing video, thanks from Brazil!

IxianMace says:

Nice scope. I looked through basically the same scope on International Observe the Moon Night earlier this year, and the images didn’t disappoint. I did find moving the scope to track the Moon cumbersome though.

celestialunae says:

I remember seeing Saturn for the first time and it was by accident, the words that came out of my mouth in front of my dad weren’t the best chosen words, but he laughed it off because I was so excited. I also experienced looking at the Ring Nebula for the first time this summer and I was on the verge of tears. It’s amazing how looking up can change everything.

christopher sl says:

Is the celestron firstscope good enough for beginner?

TheAlphaSite says:

Make merch and I will give you money

User X says:

I consider buying a Skywatcher Dobson telescope N 406/1800 Skyliner FlexTube BD DOB GoTo as my first telescope.

Is there anything you would recommend ??

Ric Crawford says:

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK, I sleep all night and I work all day. Sorry couldn’t help myself. Thanks for the professional videos about my favorite stars.

chris scott says:

Awesome vid……and totally get what your saying…..the night sky is the most magical place…….all the best from here in the uk….

Shane L says:

I’m brand new to Astronomy and I just discovered your channel about a month ago. I love your content. Thank you for making a video like this for us newbies!

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