Telescope Review – Orion

Orion SpaceProbe 130ST EQ… 10mm & 25mm Lens, Moon Filter, and Shorty Barlow X2…


Matt K says:

@brucenunn37 Jupiter is amazing mate and you can see all the cloud belts and also the great red spot and have seen the shadow of the moon IO on the actual disk of jupiter a few weeks ago. How was the equatorial mount to set up and did it take you long to set up. Thanks

Adrián de los Santos says:

Hey, nice video, I am almost sure of buying this telescope amoung with some accessories, another astronomer recommended me a 3 mm eyepiece and also a 30-35mm, but also i thought on my own to get a barlow x2, what do you recommend or say about that? my main interest is seeing Jupiter and the rings of Saturn, maybe if Im lucky nebulae… any help will be appreciated! regards from Mexico.

FantastyckplastycK says:

why dont u get a camera adapter instead of using a webcam. i assume that u already have a decent SLR camera at hand though.

decay says:

hey, how portable is this telescope? I’m gonna end up carrying it around if i get one. Also do you know if there any good bags for this?

Matt K says:

Have you seen Mars in the early morning sky and I live in England and use a Skywatcher 127 Maksutov Scope and managed to see it the other morning and even though its tiny right now i could make out surface detail with my scope and a moon but well worth a look mate and good luck!

Matt K says:

You have a nice scope mate!

Anne says:

were did you buy it ? i live in the netherlands (europe) and i dont know if is ok to order, but thats kinda the only website that has come up for me now.

Primitive Models says:

question… do u record with the orion spaceprobe???

George Washington says:

why are you quoting those planets as if they arent the real names??

Matt K says:

Same here Bruce and I am from England and live in the English Riviera and the skies here are good but not what you call excellent but its all work and no play sometimes and just bought a new mount for my 127 MAK which is the Celestron CG-5 GT mount and gonna set it up today and never had a equatorial mount before but its sunny today so will try and set up. Mars will be visible around midnight in November and look forward to seeing this. Good Luck 🙂

krisDM3000 says:

Same setup as my Omegon. Also 130mm.
Together with 10 and 25 mm eyepieces. But I had to buy a Barlow myself though.
You were right about the moon filter. It’s about time I’m gonna get one myself actually : p A sun filter is also nice. Especially when there are big sunspots.
Are you from Texas by any chance? Or another Southern state in the US?

krisDM3000 says:

@brucenunn37 @krisDM3000 I have a 2x Barlow lens. There are indeed 3x Barlow lenses as well. I’ve even seen a 1,5x Barlow lens as well.
Kentucky. Looks like I don’t recognise accents that good yet : p

truemartian says:

Enjoyed that review Bruce. Great lookin telescope man. You would definitely enjoy a solar filter. Don’t be afraid to look at the sun through the proper filter. I own two filter for my 10 and 4.5 inch dobs. Sunspots are great to watch.

Dottie Wyatt says:

did “Gain” pay for that product placement? lol, nice video man

jrobichess says:

Nice telescope – how long have you had it?

R. Scott Sherman says:

Good explanation.  Thanks.

Primitive Models says:

how did u record with telescope???

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