Review of Orion Star Blast 4.5in. Imaging Reflector OTA!

In this review I take you on a tour of Orion Telescope’s “little brother” imaging OTA. I discuss specs, pro’s and con’s, what it’s good at and what it’s not so good at. All in all, it’s a very nice imaging OTA that any backyard astronomer would love to have in their collection!


Charles Smart says:

Thanks for the video.

You mentioned that you took good pictures with the star blast. I don’t see a link to your web site. Where are the pictures? 

condenser mike says:

Nice video. Good info. Thanks!

Doug Salinas says:

Hello! Thank you for the video it was very informative. I own this same model telescope. My images appear to be upside down. Is there any adapter piece to flip the image?

Freddy Acosta says:

Use a filter.

upper cut says:

Don’t beat on it too much, Nasa aren’t able to provide a Genuine picture of the Plan- et’s either.

Stevenlv 1990 says:

I’ve been using the Sky Guide app on my iPhone and it has guided me to many things so I’m kind of familiar with the night sky and I’m wanting to get a telescope that’s not too difficult and can navigate itself as well as manually but can look at both the deep sky in color so I can see like the Andromeda galaxy and clusters as well as our own solar system and it’s planets. What telescope would be some of the very less expensive options? Not able to spend more than $300

Roughneck says:

So what type of telescope would you recommend for good views of the planets, moon and brighter messier/star clusters?

The reason I ask is that I was heavily leaning towards this model or its 6 inch brother for my first decent telescope.

Email me at

Interesting video. Thanks.

Ruben Herrera says:

nice video,thanks a lot, keep doing this reviews, and show us your deep space photos with your canon rebel. greetings

Freddy Acosta says:

Nikon has better detail 😉

The Internetwanderer says:

You’ve “tookin” some shot’s of the moon have you?

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