Refracting vs Reflecting Telescopes

In this video, we explore the differences between refracting and reflecting telescopes.


Levente Révész says:

Great video!
If this gets enough views, you could make a video on binoculars, too. They are super fascinating as well.

Randomsaucer says:

I was here before you blew up

Brendan Colbert says:

Randy, your channel has immense potential. even with the small amount of subscribers and views, you are producing excellent videos with at least the same quality of larger channels like VSauce. keep it up! I love your work.

Artur Corrêa Souza says:

Amazing video! You’ve been doing a good work in your vids

Roger says:

relevant xkcd from last week:

Eric Laurendeau says:

I’m looking to buy my first telescope and I’m trying to gather as much information as I can and I found this video very useful. Thanks a lot.

Mark Thrimm says:

Great video Randy!

Daniel Johnson says:

Plane car

Zach Q says:

Love your videos!

bbkidfan says:

this is very well done! Thanks for the clear explanation 😀

Samo Dimitrije says:

Great and on to point video!Explains the topic perfectly!

Vagh Sanjay says:

good job Randy

mazack00 says:

Are you related to John Dobson?

Wolfspirit32768 2 says:

thanks for this video, its educating, i needed a bit of this +1 like, subscribed, Wolf.

vitriolix says:

Awesome, this answered a bunch of questions I always had

haz says:

Love it man keep it up 🙂

Katie Wheeler says:


Sha Gilani says:

I looked up Abberation in the dictionary and couldn’t find it, cause turns out it’s spelled Aberration haha. Minor mistake though, still a great video! Thanks

dsiefus says:

Very nice graphics and good explanation! Keep up and you’ll grow in no time 😉

wilwad says:

Thank you for this.

SageWaterDragon says:

Why do refracting telescopes require more upkeep than reflecting ones? I’ve been interested in getting a telescope recently, so this video was really helpful, but I was kind of confused on that part.

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