Orion Starblast 6i Intelliscope Reflector Telescope Review

The Orion Starblast 6i Intelliscope Telescope is an incredible reflector telescope. With 6 full inches of aperature, you’ll see more objects, that appear brighter and in more detail. However, you will pay the price in terms of weight–23.5 pounds to be exact. Get yours online by clicking HERE: http://bit.ly/KMDeE3, or for a more in-depth look at our telescopes visit http://telescopes.toptenreviews.com/.


Derek Frankovich says:

Very nice review, helping my brother in law find a telescope is a difficult task since I know next to nothing about them. Thank you sir!

Greg White says:

3:10 uncle rico pose!! nice review, totally want one of these!

DV Swiatek says:

“Don’t be that guy!”

Otechweb says:

“so your eyes don’t get blown out by the reflected light of the sun off the moon” LOL had me crying.

apt_nova says:

This is an amazing all-around telescope! Reasonably priced, easy to understand, small yet big enough to see almost every object in night sky, relatively portable, no setup, electronic. If you’re in the market for a first or even new telescope, look no further!

The only drawback about this telescope is that you might need to build a table with three legs yourself as the common four legged counterparts are unstable and woble quite a bit.

oh and look into getting a good high magnification eyepiece such as one by Explore Scientific (a bit pricey but at the magnification they provide, its worth every penny) and a Barlow lens to double your viewing pleasure 🙂

HKA says:

Will the 10″ version allow me to see exoplanets around close stars?

ken cane says:

Thanks, Uncle Rico!!!

John RossStar says:

Hey it’s Fenton with hair!

Μιχαλης Χίδιρογλου says:

nice hairpiece, i bet the ladies love it

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