Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Telescope

First look at my new beginner telescope…


Neil Neyman says:

Is there one you recommend?

junez5 says:

Get a drive for the mount. I use my 4.5 for astrophotography

mizael7341 says:

You can see nebula from that telescope?

madbug1965 says:

I have the same telescope and I have a problem with the shakiness when using the focuser. I will have to try out your tip of putting some weight into the bottom tray.

thehorizondies says:

“i like this telescope, it’s real good”. thanks for the review, Ricky Bobby. but really. thanks.

Dan Cantrell says:

Well what about that!! hahaha!!! That’s great! Thank you!!

Sarmad muthana says:

 hello im from IRAQ ,,how are you ??
how many the price of this telescope  ??
 what is the Specifications of this telescope ??
when this is telescope is made… ??
how about your Experience with this telescope and the view in space ?? i mean good telescope or.. ??

cause i love the sky and space and plant so much ,i want discover the space .


mizael7341 says:

Is good thanks ,im going to buy a xt8

James Wilson says:

your accent is cool

bassangler73 says:

Thanks for the review, I just ordered one

Helly Purcelly says:

Thanks for the information.

Gh0stpaw says:

Thanks for the video review. I’m finishing up another semester of astronomy in college and want to do some exploring on my own. This will be my first telescope and there are an overwhelming number of choices. Your video makes it clear you researched this pretty well since you referred to some of the same concerns I’ve been reading. Now that you’ve had it a while, would you buy it again if you were in the same situation (first telescope, limited funds, etc.)?

GoodOleJim says:

nice job, Dan. I’ve been going through plenty of reviews on this telescope trying to decide whether to buy..I think I may pick it up.

Connor Gauthier says:

I’m looking to buy this, does the hinge for moving up and down stay still? The last telescope I bought constantly drooped when I was looking at something, is this a problem with this one?

David Nissan says:

I just bought this for my cousin, you’ve given me confidence in my purchase. Thanks! side note: I love the accent lol

Dan Cantrell says:

@joefactor Thank you…

Kate B says:

I’m fascinated by the hobby and have finally narrowed down my telescope search to the Orion StarBlast 4.5 or the 6. (The 6 has bigger aperture, but I’d like the dobsonian tabletop mount.) Have you, since making this video, had a good experience overall with this scope? I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether they’ve changed since having it for a few years. P.S. Are you Texan? You sound like my family and it’s great. Haha 😉

John Knoxville says:

i like your accent. 

roryboryalice says:

waiting for my tabletop version. same telescope. thanx for the review

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