Orion Funscope / Celestron Firstscope review/comparison

David Fuller from “Eyes on the Sky” compares and contrasts the Orion Funscope and the Celestron Firstscope and with the eyepieces and accessories included with each. Both are inexpensive 76mm reflectors that cost under $100.


Deniz Akansoy says:

I bought a celestron firstscope a few years ago and I am thinking of buying a new lens. Which lens would be ideal alongside the already present two lenses?

milozach1 says:

What about these: Dobson 300-76 ETU

malyeh says:

Great video! How important is the red dot finder?

realstreetuk says:

thanks for info David,
what would you recommend out of the funscope or skyscanner 100 has I want to go with one of those, thanks

Ahgii says:

Looking at those telescopes i think they would be pretty good for seeing clusters and usually big objects, especially if you’re in a low light pollution area.

Marlon MC says:

hello, Can I see jupiter or saturn with one of this telescopes? or which telescope do you recommend me ?

jorge luis salas says:

Hi david, I have the celestron firstscope, is recommended 2x barlow lens, and eyepeces : 6mm plossl, 15mm kellner of kit celestron astromaster to see nebula, and clusters ? to combination eyepiece with barlow recommended me ?? thanks

Nomen Nominandum says:

Excellent review. Thanks.

Nikhil Mishra says:

What can u see through the Celestron one..??

Connor L says:

Can you put a motor on the firstscope?

realstreetuk says:

Hi David
thanks for the responses..
another question if I may?
what other lenses can be used with funscope eg.
what sizes in mm other than the ones that come with the scope ?
thanks again

Samuel Walls says:

Hi David, I’ve just recently gotten a bit more interested in astronomy. I’m trying to decide what telescope to get and I’m choosing between the Celestron FirstScope and the Celestron Travel Scope 70, which do you recommend? What are the pros and cons of each?

hzuiel says:

If your budget is $100 there is a orion 100mm tabletop for that price.

Devi Prasad Mugachintala says:

Which one to buy: Orion 10033 FunScope / celestron travelscope 70

Joel Dick says:

Hi. Looking for a first scope, and am considering one of these two models. I see that Celestron offers a COSMOS firstscope that bridges the gap to the Orion scope that this review talks about. Would you recommend either one over the other (Orion Funscope vs. Celestron COSMOS firstscope)? They both seem to be equivalent in specs and price. Any advantages of one over the other? Thanks!

Stefan Haverkamp says:

Lovely video David. Keep up the good work and your eyes on the sky.

Caleb Loughrin says:

Dear Mr. Fuller, I really enjoyed your video. This was perfect, as I had narrowed my search down to these two telescopes. I think I’m going to go with the Orion Funscope. I did a lot of additional reading and it looks like a 6-8mm lens is the best purchase for optimum magnification with this telescope. Can you suggest any one in particular. Hoping not to spend too much but I stumbled upon the TPO 6mm Plossl Eyepiece (1.25″… I checked) for $29.95. Thoughts?

Anshul Choudhary says:

Hey David please reply to this comment.
I’m thinking of buying Celestron Travel Scope (70mm) please tell me if it’s better than firstscope or not and why.
Also, if im buy firstscope tell me which accessories to buy for best vision of Saturn. I’m really confused and need your help.

LBO says:

Thanks for the video! I just wish the vernacular could have been dumbed down for us beginners.

Rafa Lopez says:

Thank you, a very usefull information !!!

Buncy B says:

I brought one of these for my daughter but everything is plurry, and far away, what am I doing wrong?

Jesus Campos says:

I have an Orion FunScope which I received as a gift.

Specs (for those who don’t know); A reflector scope. Comes with an Optical Diameter 76mm, a Focal Length 300mm; Focal Ratio f/3.9, and comes with two 3-element Eye Pieces (20.0mm (15x), 10.0mm (30x)). Its highest useful magnification 152x.

Recommend folks see his video on this scope: “Orion Funscope / Celestron Firstscope review/comparison”

I love it’s portability and that sits nicely on my tripod, but like everyone here, I would like to improve my experience.

I’m not a fan of wasting money on poor products, since sooner or later it will cost me, but I neither want to spent a ridiculously amount of money.

Based on your videos (IMHO they are great introduction to this hobby!!), I should consider a shorty Barlow fully multi-coated lens. Based on the lenses I have, it should be a 3x or 5x Barlow lens.

My goals is to be able to see the rings and moons of Saturn. (Just like I use to, with an old refractor scope I once had)

Amazon results gave me few results of brands I’m familiar with:

Celestron 93428 X-Cel LX 1.25-Inch 3x 3-element apochromatic Barlow Lens (~$65)
Orion 8707 High-Power 1.25-Inch 3x 4-Element Barlow Lens (~$134)
Orion 8715 High-Power 1.25-Inch 5x 4-Element Barlow Lens (~$175)

Do you have any advice on these Barlow lenses, or should I consider a different vendor/model for my FunScope?

bombshell31600 says:

hi…. do you see thing upsidedown with thes tudes ? ? ?

realstreetuk says:

hi David
i have heard that not to use barlow lens on orion funscope its that correct? if not which mm lesn is best to use with the barlow lens?

jpmezart says:

Hey David, would this ocular fit on the Funscope? http://www.ebay.de/itm/like/291279758924?clk_rvr_id=1106951043051&item=291279758924&rmvSB=true How much of an improvement would it be over the ones included with the Funscope? Great video, btw

Craig S says:

Thanks for this, was trying to find out some info on my childs first telescope very informative and has now steered me in the right direction. Cheers.

Dogboy73 says:

Been looking for a beginner telescope to use with my kids. I think I’ve just found it 😉 Cheers for the video.

78 Tranz Am Man says:

5 people own the Celestron

Leon Bennett says:

no one told us the view is upside down and you will need a Erecting Eyepiece

David Stefanowicz says:

So Orion is the better deal?

Bonifilio Soto says:

I think I might splash the cash on the Orion

LarryParamedic1 says:

Thank You for information. Tell me please, are mount/adapter(s) for 35mm or DSLR cameras for these telescopes?
Thanks in advance..

Freddy Acosta says:

Orion, hands down!

RMK says:

All I want to look at is the moon as close up as I can with the most detail. Which one would you recommend?

Jeff Van Laningham says:

I just purchased the funscope and am having trouble setting it up

Christiaan Baron says:

ut what can you see with it? The FunScope is no toy, it’s a real reflecting telescope with a 76mm (3″) diameter polished spherical mirror. (not a very good primary mirror) a parabolic mirror is what you want

meesternadim says:

I heard this scopes can’t be collimated. Doesn’t this make them useless since they eventually will get out of collimation.

Jeremy Lee says:

Hi David. I recently purchased the Cosmos version of the Celestron Firstscope which came with 10mm and 20mm Kellner eyepieces. It’s great, but I’m wanting a bit more magnification. I purchased a 4mm Plossl but can’t seem to get it to focus properly, so I’m probably going to be returning it. What would you suggest I get instead, a different eyepiece, a Barlow, or both? Thanks! 🙂

Tomasina Covell says:

Wow, that’s an amazing price of the Orion Funscope, but as it comes how many times bigger does it make things at the maximum, I want to use it for both just looking around at night sky, and into the buildings across the city etc?

Rachel Johnson says:

Thank you!


hi, i wanna take some pictures of the sky. obviously deep sky. still i didn’t get my first telescope. i am planning to buy celestron firstscope. now my question is, is it possible to use my iPhone 5 to receive pictures from the telescope?

Atith Chitnis says:

Will a 2X Barlow lens be suitable for Celestron FirstScoope?

Ghada Almahri says:

when i tried to order Orion Funscope from any website .
i found that it cost nearly more than 135 $
what should i do or what website do you suggest to buy from??? please i need your help ASAP.

Atith Chitnis says:

Will a @X Barlow lens be suitable for Celestron FirstScoope?


Are your thoughts different since Celestron came out with the COSMOS version?

imanishay says:

@Eyes on the sky
hi David great video. my son is almost 5 and keeps asking about a telescope I have never own a telescope so haven’t got a clue about them I don’t want to get him a toy I want to get him a real telescope and looking to spend upto around 100 pound don’t want to get anything too complicated. I want to get one that can give good clear images of the moon the closer/clearer the better. would any of these give me that. any advice massively appreciated thanks

Noble Joy says:

hey David please replay to this comment:
i have celestron firstscope , i saw jupiter with it ,wasn’t able to see its bands , only bright yellow dot.
my question is if i add a 3x barlow lense can i see bands of jupiter ?

Young Theorectical Physicist says:

Can You Please Tell Me If I Can Use The Finderscope From My Travel Scope 70 On My Celestron Firstscope

cyonata says:

I was thinking about getting the Funscope just to play around with and maybe travel with.  I was wondering if and how well could it see the Orion Nebula? 

Rachel Johnson says:

So what is your overall top pic between these two??? I have a 6 year old who loves space but we are on a slightly limited budget.

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