Newtonian Telescope

The Newtonian telescope (Newton telescope) is a type of reflecting telescope invented by the British scientist Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727), using a concave primary mirror and a flat diagonal secondary mirror. Newton’s first reflecting telescope was completed in 1668 and is the earliest known functional reflecting telescope. The Newton telescope’s simple design makes them very popular with amateur telescope makers.

Newtonian Telescope

History of Machines


Tassy says:

God, I could have sworn that was Malcolm McDowell.

Kurt Foster says:

Brilliant, just brilliant. That man deserves a thumbs-up!

SMN Shuvo says:

Can you give me the name of full documentary?



Arun M.V says:

People care very less about Science. Stupid videos in YouTube gets millions of views. Why not this.

darbuka1 says:

He must have felt eternally alone like a computer nerd in the midst of neandertals! May he rest in peace!

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Jeremi Świerczyński says:

Why you have so little views? This all sould be popular as heck!

SherTheDugtrio_YT says:

What is the first telescope in the world? – Galileo Galilei’s telescope
What is the best telescope? – Newton’s telescope
Why Newton’s telescope is better than Galileo’s? – Galileo’s telescope must make it longer so you can see it well, but about Newton’s you can see it well even you don’t make it longer!

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