My Current DSLR Astrophotography Setup For Capturing Deep Space Objects

Re-uploaded video due to some mistakes and audio problems. Here is just a quick video showing the Astronomy and camera equipment I currently use to capture the great cosmos around us. I mostly try to image deep sky objects(DSO’s) as they seem beautiful to me. With this equipment you can photograph far away galaxies, globular clusters and planetary nebulas. Join me in finding out some of the equipment required to capture these objects and see whether you may be interested in starting with this wonderful hobby. During the end of the video I will show you M32 – The Orion Nebula, M33 – The De Mairan’s Nebula and SH2-279 – The Running Man

Out of all the equipment list, the most important for astrophotography is a solid tracking mount capable of holding and rotating your kit as steady as possible. Having a steady tracking mount allows you to capture images of your target for a longer duration while reducing star trails. With a tracking mount, you don’t even need to shoot through a telescope, mounting a DSLR with a standard lense can give great results.

I am by no means a professional or know what I’m doing, but these are just some items which help me capture the beauty of space and so they may help you too. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below!

Sky-Watcher HEQ5 PRO EQ Mount –
Solomark Tripod Vibration Suppression Pads –
Sky-Watcher 200P 8″ Newtonian Reflector –
Sky-Watcher 9×50 Right-angled Errecting finder scope –×50-right-angled-erecting-finderscope.htm
Altair Astro Starwave 50mm Guide Scope & GPCAM Mono Guide Camera –
Lenovo Thinkpad W520 –
PHD2 –
FLO Multi Finder Adapter for Sky-Watcher –
Unmodified Canon DSLR 1000D –
Canon T-Mount M48 DSLR –
Homemade Dew shields – Foam, felt, glue and velcro from hobbycraft.
Homemade 12v DC Portable Powerbank – 100AH AGM battery with Stanley fatmax toolbox.( may make a video on making this)
Lynx Astro Silicone Power cable for Sky-Watcher Mounts –
Farpoint 8 inch Bahtinov Mask
O’Telescope BackyardEOS –

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Astro Vlogger says:

Nice vid mate, good narrating, I’m trying to pluck up the courage to add narration to my astro vids too, maybe one day. Lots of cool extras for the setup you’ve got there. I think it’s a 9×50 finder though not a 30mm as I think I heard you mention? P.s. snap with the laptop, I have a think pad too running a gen2 i7 128gb SSD, 8gb RAM, ex corperate machine from ebay, they make great astro lappies 🙂 EDIT: Haha! I just realised I sold you that HEQ5 Pro! 😀 Glad to see you making great use of it, small world!

The Sky Hunter says:

I checked the link of the mount and it was green and yours is black ,
When do you bought it

Ahmed Rizwan Khan says:

Good stuff mate. Really informative for someone who is just about to dip there toes in the world of astro photography and go down that rabbit hole 🙂

Martin Harrison says:

That’s a really useful video. I’ve taken my first photos of the Milky Way this week from a very dark part of the Lake District, and I can now feel myself being drawn into astrophotography 🙂 I like the home made power supply you’ve made.

Andrei Dumineca says:

Amazing results!

Ray's Astrophotography says:


moussaemad says:

Very informative, buddy!

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