Man Freaks Out on Telescope Review

I tried reviewing a nice big telescope. But I didn’t have much good luck with it. I was disappointed at the end.


Debbie Reeves says:

Oh my stars, Rick, I can’t stop laughing! I’m sorry, I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you. You should have had your 3 friends: Larry, Moe and Curly help you. lol

raymond noya says:

Lmao !

Charles Alta says:

Hilarious, surprised not more hits; good work

bryan Hartzell says:


Str8isis says:

You need the celestron astromaster 114… The one I have! But this was hilarious though!

Str8isis says:


Austen Conway says:

So fake

luke says:

I can’t stop laughing.

eTourist says:

Your application for RTFM poster boy is accepted..

Stephanie Shearer says:

Oh my god it was so funny I can’t stop laughing ,you just went off on that telescope I hope you didn’t pay a gang of money for that

Eric Gibson says:

Look to the sky, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs is not that exactly, it’s instructions on how to take back planet earth, impressive demonstration

Rockn Robbie Jersey says:

I, I, I really don’t know what to say….

patricia johnson says:

I just had to watch this ONE MO’ TIME!! LMAO!

Xsauce says:

Such a impatient idiot

Through the Telescope! says:

You destroyed a telescope!! hope it wasn’t good quality. Oh god that hurt so much lol!

Esme Cullen says:

great one. you are so mr fix it LOL dont know how i missed this before

Josh Rieger says:

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time

terrynak says:

Great video – this got me laughing so hard!  I had some frustrating experiences with telescopes that turned out to be ‘duds’ as well.

Str8isis says:

Thank you! Will definitely check him out!

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