Jupiter In The Sky Scanner 100mm And A Tele Vue 3x Barlow *Live Video*

Video showcasing the view of Jupiter through the Orion Sky Scanner 100mm Telescope and a Tele Vue 3x Barlow. Video captured with the Orion Star Shoot All-In-One Astrophotography Camera.


They lie ohio says:

This is probably one of the best images I’ve seen of jups…..the moon actually had color it seemed. good job.

Iván Gramajo says:

How do you process the image??

Anthony Evans says:

Awesome work! What kind of computer did you use to acquire the images?

Ajaj Aja says:

I see you from mexico!

gliderrider says:

Wow! I have a 10″ dob and can’t get pictures like that. I just realized I don’t know how to use registax correctly. lol That’s amazing from that tiny scope. Messier would freak out if he were alive.

Jasmine Latendresse says:

How do you like this telescope? I’m planning on buying it but still unsure.

Ganymed Kallisto says:

Nice! Was there a shadow of one of jupiters moons on the upper right?

I have a small scope too (90 mm Mak Cass) and begun to take pictures. Currently i only use the camera of my iPhone but RegiStax improves the images a lot. I just uploaded a video of jupiter and saturn on my channel.
I think a real astro- webcam would do far better.

Greetings from Germany

They lie ohio says:

wait….wait….I had to come back, you telling me this is that little table top telescope….wow I had a double take look on my face.,,,thumbs way up

Witscher says:

Great results

Iván Gramajo says:

How do you process the image??

demond penalver says:

Great video!!!

Sam Birkinshaw says:

What mm eye piece was used with barlow

They lie ohio says:

ok…i’m back, this scope is on sale right now @ orion for $99.00 with these results there is no reason someone can’t get into this hobby and get great results. what blows my mind is my first comment about one of the best shots of Jupiter came from this little guy…..lol

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