Jupiter and Mars Orion 8 inch Newtonian Telescope 203mm

From the night of March 12,th Jupiter with 2x, 3x and 5x barlow lenses and Mars with a 5x. Even got some of Jupiters moons. Telescope is an Orion 203mm 8 inch Newtonian imaging scope. The mount used is an Ioptron zeq25 and the Camera is a ZWO ASI120mc. The Barlow lenses are 2x Orion Shorty, and 3x Meade Shorty, and a 5x High Point scientific. Video is captured in Firecapture, and stacked in Autostakkert 2, processed in Registax 6 and Paint shop Pro. Visit my website, WWW. Midnightphotography.net. See my other videos with Neximage 5mp, ZWO SI120mc and ASI224 cameras and Orion Newtonian and XT8 plus dobsonian scopes.




By the time you finished reading this name, I stole your virginity. says:

Woah! Well done!

I’m thinking of going in and buying an 8in telescope….do you think I can get anything worthwhile under a $500 price budget?

Rick Soma says:

Jupiter looks awsome, good job.

TimTools99 says:

Those are some great shots Charlie!

Solar Wind says:

Good imaging. Barlows make so much difference.

Joven II Golla says:

Fake pics! Show the real ones!

Marco Panzanni says:

Damn that atmospheric distortion!
But the stacked picture turned out awesome =)

jim fortaleza says:

Good job Charlie! Your Jupiter videos are similar to mine from years ago, but your final image is superior. I will have to look at the AutoStakkert software since I only use Registax for mine. I just watched the last bit and saw that your location is Orange, Texas. I lived there from 1958 – 1962. Just a little tyke. Mars should be great this time next year..

stevie D says:

how much easier is it by using the eq tech platform than just using self nudges? im very interested in buying a platform for my skywatcher skyliner dob . where could i buy one from and how much is the price please.

Mabus Channel says:

Where is zoom in and zoom out?

Gerard O'Born says:

Yeah Mars is a hard sucker to image all right.

Beto Ocampo says:


Charlie Golden says:

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Charlie Golden says:

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aernosfull 1996 says:


Efrain Iniguez says:

good job!

HachiRoku says:


Somjit Bhattacharyya says:


Charlie Golden says:

Please help for a friend and fellow astronomer.

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