How to Use Telescopes : Using Newtonian Telescopes

Telescopes that follow the design made by Sir Isaac Newton were coined Newtonian and have finding telescopes attached. Study Newtonian telescopes with an observatory director in this free astronomy video.

Expert: Rocky Alvey & Billy Teets
Bio: Rocky Alvey is the assistant director of the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory and has been involved in astronomy since 1969.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


WaukarusaKid says:

Nice video.
However, I would recommend aligning the finder scope in daylight at a distant object; such as a chimney on someone’s house

J Bowers says:

Is it “this particular telescope” or “This telescope in particular” ?

T0mat0S0up says:

oh thanks michiel, ill take a look

Marcin Pawlak says:

remember to wait for the scope to cool down

Christo Bosco says:

Thank you, this was very helpful!

Inge Wie Nielsen says:

texts are too fast, good i got ears.. =(

Michiel Drost says:

Some telescopes come with an extra eyepiece that will set your objects straight. I got a refractor and without the correction piece, I’ll need two extra mirrors to fix the picture. Look for this: “Telescope 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece (1.25″)”. Note that this piece may not be compatible with your telescope. Hope it helps if not allready resolved.

Basard100 says:

@dirtyd365 Heat waves…. you see them coming off of your car on a hot day…. same thing with your mirror, but you notice them a lot more as you magnify more. They distort the image quite a bit, it’s not terribly noticeable under 100x, though.

Yoyomo124 says:


zakaria chahboun says:

Thanks Sir

Anders Pedersen says:

hehe, asthma. Azimuth!

Marcin Pawlak says:

Collimation can change but this very very small so you will not even notive that ;] You can always first cool down the scope then collimate it ;]

T0mat0S0up says:

My newtonian shows objects upside down for some reason

George Charalambous says:

newtonian dobsonian telescopes! That’s what i call a true champion of it’s kind!!!!

I have an 8 inch Skywatcher Skyliner and i will buy this X’Mas the SynScan system for it so i can take pictures and find objects like galaxies easy! Pretty much excited

Glen Petherick says:

He said Azimuth, not asthma….. listen properly.

Alex Hernandez says:

how much r these any way?

Angm0r says:

Is it xt8?

HauntHouse says:


The mirror surface needs to be very precise. When you go outside, the mirror will be warmer than the air so it starts cooling down. The inside of the mirror takes longer to cool and creates tension in the glass because it expands or contracts according to temperature. You won’t have a good surface until the temperature of the glass is roughly even. Very expensive ceramic mirrors keep this deformation to a minimum. Tube currents are also a cooling problem.

WatchmenDrManhattan says:

nice house or office.

Elizabeth Cadavid says:

Thanks for this video it helped me so much!

Ray Markey says:

is there any reason to take off the rear cap (mirror side) when viewing? Or should it stay on?

ParaglidingManiac says:

Does the collimation change when it cooled down? Or does it stay the same “just be carefull do not rush” type of thing?

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