How to clean the mirror of a Newtonian Telescope. Orion 8 inch imaging Newtonian.

How I clean the mirror of my Newtonian telescopes. Please subscribe to this channel for more astronomy related videos especially planetary videos. Take things slow and take a lot of care when cleaning a telescope mirror. These are delicate items, but if handled properly can be cleaned just fine. Supplies needed are cotton balls, distilled water and a clean sink, screw drivers, and some liquid dish detergent.


Luke's Astro says:

Good video Charlie, I’m saving it, since my 8″ it’s ready for a mirror clean-up. Thanks, Clear Skies.

Peace, Love and Guns says:

Very thorough.

Alkım Özden says:

How do you clean the secondary mirror same way?

Markus Maxwell says:

Good video!

A few suggestions:

1. Towel under mirror to prevent possible chip of bottom of mirror, (rare, but can happen).
2. Discard cotton ball after each pass to prevent debris from going towards next pass.
3. End of video: The mirror can only go in one way by lining up the inner lip of the metal tube with the indentation on the mirror cell. I would have been more careful, ( you were way too rough), when putting the mirror back in., (possible edge chipping).

Cleaning once a year, or once every two years is sufficient depending on your area and how dirty it gets / how much you use your scope.

Best practice for some of you out there is to keep both ends capped when not in use. Also when putting your mirror clips back on, make sure you don’t tighten them too much. Always make sure you can insert a business card in between the clips, (don’t actually put the card in between, just use the card as a guide), never tighten too much or the mirror will induce astigmatism and stars will look triangular shaped depending on the number of clips you have.

Otherwise, great video!

Mitchell Tubbs says:

Good stuff bro! Going to be doing this on the Schmidt Cassegrain I plan on refurbishing later this year. This should be better than how I was doing it in the past. I just need to figure out how to do this in the bath tub, since the 8″ mirror assembly probably wont fit in any of my sinks.

J R's Place says:

The only thing I can really add is, don’t be afraid to clean your mirrors. It’s not difficult.

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