How to Assemble and Use the National Geographic NT114CF Newtonian Telescope

Scott Roberts from Explore Scientific shows you how to correctly assemble this 114mm aperture Newtonian reflecting telescope, how to use the eyepieces and Barlow lens, and how to take pictures of the Moon with your Smartphone. You’ll also get tips on using the telescope under the stars, why everything is upside down in the eyepiece, and why you should not look through a window from inside your house.

Explore the NT114CF:


Phillip Brown says:

Very very dope & necessary vid….

TheRancidMoose says:

I really like 99% of the telescope. The problem I have is the viewfinder starts out being nowhere near the object I’m looking at, and the adjustment screws only make it go farther away. Any suggestions?

J Porco says:

Just got this telescope for Christmas, the directions are not done well. I had to use a magnifier to even see them. I really appreciate your video. Thank you

Sunny GummyBear says:

I just received one from my mothers fiance. I lost my dad this past August and we shared our love for the cosmos together, everything I learned about astronomy I gained by my loving father who always made it a point to make the stars a fun experience since I was a little one and started to pass it on to my son. I have been at a loss with loosing my dad and missing him dearly but somehow I still feel him with me when I look up at the stars at night. My moms fiance knew this about my father and I and found this telescope (my very first one!) and I was putting it together but was needing some more assistance so I came here to find your video! Absolutely loved the detail and careful instruction along with guidance AND insight! (learning what makes a star twinkle was fascinating to me!) I look forward to taking my new telescope outside and explore the cosmos with my Daddy in my heart getting lost in the sky 🙂 thank you so much for this! Subscribed 😀

bishopcode says:

Thank you very much, helped a lot, the instructions on the paper weren’t as clear as this, also thanks for the tips

Ernest Phariss says:

Thanks for video my dad got one for Christmas

extreme gamer says:

Wait I can’t see the milky way no matter what

Austin Culbertson says:

This video is really great. Thank you so much for the easy to understand information!

C.L. Edmonds says:

The instruction manual confused me. It made it seem like I needed to undo some screws under the lens cover. Well I found your video after I loosened those screws. Can you comment on if it’s normal to see your eye in the reflection? I’m just trying to make sure I have the screws tightened with everything
in the correction orientation. Wish I found your video before I loosened any screws!

Seany_boi773 says:

I got one for Christmas and this was really helpful, thank u so much

JlOVEra 89 says:

Just got one for my son for Christmas. Putting it together today, the picture instructions did throw me off, was thinking I was missing something. Thankyou for the walk through! Subscribed (:

Hazuki says:

I did everything in the video and still can’t see nothing just black and sometimes my eye shadow, I try it today and the sky was clear I could see the stars with a naked eye but in the telescope I couldn’t please help.

Ken Haynie says:

Very cool! Thank you. I got this telescope from my wife for Christmas and was looking for an instructional video on this. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Many thanks.

D O'H says:

I spoke with Alex at the manufacturer web help chat, and he did what he promised – thank you for getting this excellent video done in time to watch the Quadrantids Meteor Showers in the USA 3-4 Jan 2019!

ericalluvium says:

This is a great video, but I can’t get either eyepiece to fit without using the Barlow 2x. They seem too large to fit into the scope! What in the world am I doing wrong? It’s surely a dumb mistake, as this is our first scope!

Jamie Johnson says:

Is anyone else seeing objects as upside down AND crooked. I expected to see the tree I was aligning on to be directly upside down but it is also oriented diagonally. Thoughts?

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