How to a Use Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

This video is aimed at new astronomers who need some help on getting started or returning astronomers who may have forgotten how to use a dobsonian telescope. So if you are of the latter, this is going to be a good refresher.

1. Inspect & Assemble Telescope
2. Collimate Telescope
3. Align Finder Scope
4. Observe Through Finder Scope
5. Observe Through Eyepiece

If you are just starting out, I highly advise that you first practice observing larger and brighter objects like the moon because it will be easier to locate.


How to Collimate a Telescope:

How to Align a Finder Scope:

Featured telescope is a Sky-Watcher 12″ Collapsible Dobsonian :


5argeTech / says:

Sir excellent explanation. I did not even consider that observatories use the same type of Mount but only larger. I’m thinking about it now the Dome swivels left and right and the telescope goes up and down. Wow the lightbulb just went off in my head.

Michael Sanford says:

Excellent!!! Thank you for sharing.

Johnney Ehrlich says:

Thank you for the upload. Simple and to the point tutorial. Keep em coming. And hope to see some videos on your astrophotography too.

Rob mod says:

Awesome video man. Thanks and can’t wait for the next one.

James Hall says:

Great for beginners thank you

Les Roberts says:

Thanks very professional

kanopus06 says:

I have a 6×30 optical finderscope (also from Skywatcher) , and because it only has 2 screws it is very hard for me to align it to the main tube, any hint about that?
It is this one :×30-con-soporte-blanco.jpg

carles2211 says:

Thanks for your video. I’m thinking to buy a telescope like yours, and I’m intricate about the black piece between the two OTA pieces. What material is it and how you put it. Thank you very much!

Tony Gonzalez says:

how do you like those eyepieces you have i see there are from ” ES”

valentin valentin says:

I am very pleased that you came back with videos. Great videos.

Maks Klimin says:

My DIY Dobsonian for SW 1149 –

AstroSkyGuy69 says:

I was going to comment on this last night and got side tracked. We need more videos like this so beginners can see the working ends of how a telescope like this works. Great Video and very informative. Astronomy is the most amazing thing and with today’s technology and the more advanced scopes with larger mirror cells or glass; the heavens are limitless.

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