Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ Slideshow

Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ
Canon PowerShot A2200
Philips TouCam 740k
Bob Marley “Night Shift”


LateHeavyBombardment says:

Thanks! i like this pic too,total DIY with pocket canon.nothing fancy but pure enthusiasm,tYou my friend are into good music too.checked your channel and i like this SKA gig a lot.thanx and good luck Oi !!!

LateHeavyBombardment says:

Hi.thanks for comment.If you want to buy new scope,save some money and go for 150mm or more if you can(SkyWatcher?).130 after a while seems to be not enough.I’ve used x3 andx5 barlow.You can buy parts from the net.Tripods braces are very weak and had to replace them already.still got this spare Philips Toucam ccd webcam.there is a problem with driver for wind7 but its possible to install it.i found method on some astroforum.good luck

cvetky nik says:

Great shots!

mixindave1 says:

what sort of area do you live in? fancy one myself but not sure to get one of these or the 90mm refractor. i get some light pollution

Bryce Allen says:

First off I was just wondering if this is the 130eq model that comes with a motor drive? If so how do you find the tracking? I need a telescope that can track but won’t break the bank and the 130eq md looks like my best bet so far. Nice video too!!

gheorghe cojocaru says:

what about mars?

NinjaTeMpErZ says:

I mean what eye peace did you use

LateHeavyBombardment says:

Thank you.Andromeda and Clusters were taken with pocket Canon camera fixed to the focuser with the clamp and 40 mm w-angle s.plossl Bresser eyepiece.expossure arr.8-10sec. and ISO 1600.i couldn’t take longer because was hard for me to keep it steady with m.drive.good luck to you and thanks subscribing.

Zé Gouveia says:

The music makes it even more enjoyable. Ah, smoking pot, while listening to this song and watching the stars and galaxies on my Celestron 130EQ… it just gave me an idea for tonight :))

Aviation Gamer says:

Guys this will probably solve everyone’s questions if you use lower eyepieces like 5mm it will give you a closer view than like a 20mm would.This telescope celestron astromaster 130eq highest useful magnification is 307x if you get a 4mm eyepiece and a 2x Barlow you will get 325x near to the useful mag.Also don’t overgo to much of the highest magnification this can lead to less quality image and sometimes blurry.

TheAstroChannel says:

Lovely video mate, I subbed. 🙂 Keep it up 😀

C라이트닝 says:


mixindave1 says:

yea got one of these. quite impressed with the quality of the kit  🙂

k238studios says:

Just kidding, beautiful stills, especially Vega drew a ‘wow’ from my lips, loved the music as well!

altstiff says:

Nice! Did you use a motor drive for these shots?

Dead Meme says:

cant believe my telescope (noname: Seben) 70/900 reflector for 109€ is better than this one for 209€

vibe808 says:


Aldo Raine says:

can anyone suggest an upgrade for the finderscope? want to replace the red dot with an actual scope.

Alfredo Loera says:

so, your camera has the option to adjust the exposure time? cuz im thinking to get one like yours

james' musings says:

Nice, can you tell me, did you use a barlow for those last few Jupiter shots?

FudgeGalaxy says:

Hey I have just recently bought a 130EQ and and a t ring and adapter and I was wondering how you got pass the problem with the focal length as sometime you can’t focus a far away object?
How did you do it?

Aakash Bansal says:

can you see these with the 10mm and 20mm eyepeice that come with it?

I just got mine and being a beginner, I cant seem to focus it on anything yet! its all just a bright blur.

LateHeavyBombardment says:

Good luck with your new scope!200mm sound serious.there is no point of buying something less than 150 because you would spend shit lotS of money on gadgets trying to improve it.if you have place and space for it, i think dobsonian can be a good choice.send me a link for this 20″meade.do you want this spare philips webcam is free if you r able to find way to instal driver and going to use it.take care.

SarroTV says:

I have been thinking if i should buy this telescope for a while but there id one thing stopping me is it worth the money? (I’m an amateur astronomer ) so is it worth the price?

Vega Gaming says:

My star :0

SpaceMan SkyWatcher says:

I have the same scope, but Jupiter just looks like a star with my 9mm eyepiece

vijay kumar says:

hello all , i have celestron 130 eq ,, i am just able to see moon a clear vision ,, nothing else no stars 🙁  ,, stars are just looking like a dot ,, simply dot , i have 10 mm and 20 mm , please guide me as i am new 

NinjaTeMpErZ says:

And camera

LateHeavyBombardment says:

HI.thanks.i used md for most of them,other ones i stacked with registax6.good luck

TheAdamb93 says:

Did you use any filters for those shots of Jupiter? I love the 130EQ, but fudge that star pointer, I can’t use the bugger.

propfella says:

I’m hoping to grab one of these from a friend when he upgrades. I would like to attach my old but pristine Olympus DSLR and a Panasonic HD handicam , but I haven’t a clue what sort of adapter or adaptors I’m going to need. Can anyone help please?

LateHeavyBombardment says:

Hi. I used x3 barlow for those pics.got also x5 barlow but the scope is to weak for that and picture is blurred and fuzzy.take care and good luck

Jules. Verne. says:

The Andromeda Galaxy Messier 31,32 &110 is the Greatest Joke to observe on a clean Transperant Suburban or Rural site.All you need is an Excellent pair of 10x50mm. Binoculars & point one hand distance north of the Center Star of Andromeda.Messier 31 looks like a tiny Spiral-Puff Boll after Midnight in 10x50mm. Binoculars &the M31 Galaxy is 2,900,000 Million Light Years Away.That is amazing to see its tiny Spiral Puff-Ball in Suburban or Rural Country Skies.Give it a try, if you spot it,be Glad!!

jonny alkas says:

Very nice captures! Im hopefully getting the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ soon, I cant wait to go back to good old days sitting in the garden observing the heavens…

moeshickenyay says:


Anonymous weedguy777 says:

Weed and Astronomy, cant be best? 😀

Keith Kirkby says:

For all star viewers, Curries are doing this motorised scope for about £120

Jono Stone says:

Hi what lens do you use?

alex castro says:

your pics ,, you use barlows or filters?? or without?

shivam naik says:

Hey,can we see nebula and other space objects like comet from this power seeker 130 eq

NinjaTeMpErZ says:

What lens did you use for the last pic of jupiter because i have the same telescope and i use the 10mm to look through and i cant see Jupiter’s details i can just see a bright circle with four dots

Prawny2601 says:

sexy stuff man!! kudos!

Rodrigo Saa says:

Me interesan los planetas del sistema solar

Princess H says:

Can you pls mention what all eyepieces and barlows have u used if any. Please. I want to buy this so i need to know what all i have to buy along with it

propfella says:

Hey I just received the latest Mobius camera, it would have to be light enough. I just need to manufacture a tube to fit it. Maybe an old scope lens will do the job. I’m amazed GoPro hasn’t come up with an adaptor.

Claudio Hernandez says:

great!!! I just have bought the same telescope, if you have some tutorial about how to align it it would be great, i had have some difficulties to align this….

Again nice slideshow

sudhanva joshi says:

What?? M31 isn’t so much clear with 130eq unless u use a barlow lens

Brandyn Little says:

My celestron 130eq isn’t working as well as yours appears to be…. I can’t see anything in better resolution than my naked eye. Any tips to help me actually get to use this telescope?

Chris Free says:

My Nikon p900 does that

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