Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD review

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A short review of the celestron 130 eq md requested by CallumsMCworld – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOT5xpz582us7K3iDhrcldw
This review is aimed at BEGINNERS. I am aware my knowledge will not be up to speed with other people’s. As a beginner myself, am giving my opinions at a level I hope to get other newbies to understand and gain something from this video. In addition to this, I am aware my motor drive set up was incorrect.

Celestron eyepiece and filter kit review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCPhdjkMWp4


Christopher Williams says:

ive just seem this telescope in my local cash generator for about £80,im seriously considering getting it…. is this a good price ?
im just abit concerned about if its damaged,whats the obvious things to look out for ?
and whats the best way to test it ?
all comments appreciated…..thanks in advance 🙂

Bart Rejman says:

well done, thank you mate (y)

Michael Braun says:

As far as the motor drive, when set properly, makes the viewing way more pleasant. Without it, you finish viewing, stand up, and allow someone to look and the object floated out of the way. With the motor drive it stays in the field of view. Well worth it.

Andrés David Gutiérrez says:

do you Know new telescopes like this ones, i mean new versions? o should i buy this telescope? is for a gift an i want to give my brother a good telescoope, can you pleases suggests me thanks LSP99 !

Mike Stap says:

with this scope there is no goto feature so how can i get the views on planets like jupiter and how do i locate non visible sky objects like the nebulae

James Bennett says:

i found my Motor drive was garbage, it literally did nothing but make noises, much like yours in this video.

Thatgamer Guy says:

Can I see jupiters stripes with this

TensileStrength says:

Have you tried re-lubricating the eyepiece? I’ve never owned a telescope yet, but it seems to me a tube of gun oil would work well for something like that.

Petra Kann says:

lubricate the focusing tube

Elon Musk says:

are outer planets such as uranus and neptune visible as well? and can jupiters moons be observed?

steve lane says:

Thinking of getting one of these……it will be my 1st, i`m a middle-aged beginner!
So this model, if working properly should auto-locate the object but does not track it?

paul laucher says:

great vid..smart kid,well done

Mike Stap says:

i also want to ask few questions about a 130 aperture and focal 650mm reflector telescope – EQ2 Mount:Skywatcher
1.what gives this telescope aperture or light gathering? is it the primary mirror or secondary mirror, and how do i increase aperture of the scope.
2.Is a reflector telescope primary mirror hard or strong if objects shud fall on it coz it looks too open.
3.How do i see bigger images on jupiter and star clusters and nebulae. Am using 3x focal extender from exploere scientific with a 10mm eyepiece and a 20 mm .but does not yield good result on saturn. and nebulae.
4.Can a use a 3x or 5x focal extender with a 4.7mm and a 6mm eyepiece for detailed image on orion nebulae and star cluster coz am yet to order these items.
5.If its not possible to increse a telescope aperture, wat can you do to give atleast detailed views of you target.like the nebula
6.Can EQ2 telescopes be mounted on a goto mounts
Thanks and i hope to here from you soon.

ray peckett says:

ive had mine a couple of years now  im happy with it the secret is,  is to buy good quality eyepieces and be patient and look for deep sky objects and enjoy the scope and not get to bogged down  in technical  details etc  ideal starter scope in my eyes [been observing for years ] but of course that’s just my opinion why spend a lot of money on a scope to sit in the shed or cupboard when not in use .

szaki says:

For that money, you could’ve buy an 8″ DOB, much more user friendly. More aperture, easy to set up and use.Later you could buy a good, quality, solid EQ mount (Vixen etc…) and set up the 8″ OTA on it for photography.You can take short exposures of planets with the a 8″ DOB too, but 8″ aperture can show you a lot more than 5″.

Mike Stap says:

ive ordered a telescope primary mirror with aperture 150mm f8 and focal length 1200 from this site http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/OPTICS/telescopemirrors.html.
so will fix the new primary mirror to the 650 mm Scope with the 1200mm mirror.
Hope it works well.

Crazyives says:

I also have the same telescope as you and i find it difficult to use the star finder, is it possible to remove it and get a better replacement?

mobile magic says:

great chanel im subcribed

Andy fromtheUK says:

Quick question. What is the screw for on the top of the front tube bracket?

Bart Rejman says:

could also explain how to set the focus so its not blurry? I can’t seem to be able to get it right. Thanks

QNMS 101 says:

I got this telescope 2 years ago for my birthday

Saket Bhagat says:

Does this telescope comes with the WiFi set up so that one can connect it with the Celestron Sky Portal application?

I Wonder says:

Thanks for the review – but try to speak so people outside england can understand – so please remake with clear and slower speak and have in mind that lots of people dont have english as their main speach – so please remake – thanks

IzzyMay says:

I got this telescope when I was 9

James Ardito says:

What other telescopes do you recommend that have a larger aperture and are still in this same style of telescope?

Freddy Acosta says:

You can always stack the pictures either on Deep Sky Stacker or even Photoshop. You can get a very good quality picture by stacking. I got a great image of Andromeda with just my DSLR. 280 pics stacked with its respective Bias frames.

antiprotons says:

Thanks!   I was looking for a telescope and this was the unit I had selected. Videos are worth a million words 🙂

Iron Maiden 95 says:

Thank you for making this video. 

I love astronomy (I’m actually in college with the dream of eventually getting into the field professionally) but I’ve never owned my own telescope. I was able to come into a little extra money a few days ago, and since it’ll be summer soon, I’ve been looking at potential telescopes to buy. After looking at some different scopes from Celestron, Meade, and Orion, I think this one is probably the way to go.

Right now it’s only $205 on amazon, so I think I might go pick it up. But I’m a little worried about the tripod. The more research I do, the more people I find that seem to be having problems with it. A lot of people that I’m seeing online are complaining that it wobbles and makes the telescope difficult to use. Is this a common problem? And is it really as horrible as some people are making it seem?

Thanks for any help.

jim fortaleza says:

The problem with the motor drive blocking the slo-mo and motion ofthe scope is an old one. I had a Celestron 8″ Skyview Deluxe – wonderful views, but a real pain to use with the motor drive.. At least the drive did work ok.

Farooq Kapadia says:

Can this be used to see Land objects?

Youtuber Kid says:

Set the latitude file to your latitude in your area

speletz says:

Good review.  thanks!

Mike Stap says:

pls one last question am using explore scientific 3x focal extender for the scope but i still get same size view on jupiter for example  how it appears without focal extender appears same as with the focal extender.
is there any suggestion you can have me.

Jonathan Davies says:

What a Joke. Your comparing it to professional telescopes but you don’t even understand what the numbers are on the eq mount. I can’t take anything from this review as youve just clearly bluffed your way through making out you know something. Also, you must be operating the Motor incorrectly as mine works fine. RTFI!!!

Pleven123 says:

Hello lordsugarpuff99, thanks for the information you give about this kind of telescope. Can you tell me what is the material of its lenses? Plastic or glas? Thanks in advance

Peter Ranzijn says:

Great review! I want to buy this telescope to 🙂

KB2CWN says:

You must be doing something wrong. I have had several of these Celestron motor drives and they all worked flawlessly. Either yours was defective, or your doing something wrong.

clydeburkey says:

I have the same model telescope you are right the motor drive is worthless for the micro adjustments what I did to hold them on is to take a rag and put it around the knot and tighten it with pair of pliers and mine has not come off yet morning do not over tighten them you will break them

Nattie S. says:

Hi! I ordered this telescope last night. I would like to know what kind of lens do I need to be able to see Saturn close and clearly.

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