Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ Newtonian Reflector Telescope

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The Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ is a Newtonian Reflective telescope made for Amateur to Advanced astronomers. 2012 Telescope of the year winner! Just in time for my meetup tomorrow with the Astronomical Society of Canada!

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James Wiseman (Wisemantimes)
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Alba Esperanza Aguirre Arzate says:

hola! 🙂
ando por comprar ese telescopio, pero quiero ver que tan claro y que tanto se ven los planetas y eso, muestra fotos!

google translate: I’m going to buy that telescope, but I want to see how clear and how much the planets look and that, it shows photos! saludos!

yuotubeismispelled says:

As someone who’s been involved with amateur astronomy since the 80’s, I have to say that it’s a good starter scope. I hope you’re still involved with your local club and looking at the stars and planets. It almost goes without saying, but please ignore the haters.

Kathy O'Brien says:

Did you ever see an UFOs?

ScotsFurian says:

In detail… Gobshite.

Cheeky Monkees says:

There is a reason it was on sale Pal. It’s a Bird-Jones design. In other words cheap optics. I hope it works out for you. One of my first scopes was a Bird-Jones and I grew to hate it. It’s difficult to collimate and image quality is marginal. If you have kids it will make a good gift.

cellina wagner says:

I had two telescopes one was a meade ETX80 and another one. Both of these telescopes were very disappointing since im an advanced hobby astronomer. The telescope  from the video above is really fascinating.

BMW Enthusiast says:

I can’t wait till I get in my 10 inch dobsonian.

Michelle Antoinette says:

I just bought this telescope also and received it the next day! It’s all set up and I was able to see the moon pretty well (though it took me some time to find it :/ Stargazing isn’t as “point and see” as I thought it would be lol). Venus and Jupiter are visible to the naked eye right now and are close to one another so I’m psyched to check them out. Just wondering how your experiences have been with the telescope so far? I’m not sure I’ll see much here in NYC but I have to be able to pick up anything visible with the naked eye reasonably well, right? Now I just have to learn how to use this thing!

Andrew Dumont says:

So what is your thoughts on your new scope now that you have had time to play with it?.

Anthony Pacholek says:

to strap your camera to it ….Digital Camera Adapter – $50 on Celestron website.

malcolm campbell says:

It’s a webcam you connect to your laptop and you just record I seen one on eBay tonight you can also make with an ordinary webcam and an old 35mm film tube with the end cot out

Sirchud68 says:

A buddy just gave me an Astromaster 114 that was given to him. I’m stoked! This is a great telescope for the average backyard astronomer.

phil gibo says:

wack a webcam init remove the lens of the webcam use direct to the telescope no lens
buy a good barlow x2 youll be having some great vids good luck to you

malcolm campbell says:

My brother made one with little 35mm slr film tube and web cam and simple recording software works fantastic and cost nothing them little fold tubes slide straight into telescope just glue cut the end off and glue it to an old webcam Infact there is videos on YouTube showing how to make them.

Ariel Maldonado Rubio says:

what you see .. with this ?

Julio Fernand Sanchez says:

are you crazy?? it is impossible to see the storms on Jupiter and the moon rocks or in fact the Hubble telescope can’t do that you are a ghost. you can not clearly see the rings of Saturn , the telescope is shit

mb7725 says:

I think your gonna be a little disappointed if you think your gonna see the moons of Saturn “in detail” with a 114mm 1000mm 10mm telescope.  You will just barely be able to see Saturn, Jupiter a bit better with a few moons.  Mars is a lot more difficult than you think and Venus and Mercury even more difficult.  As for our moon. Yea, rocks.  but only if they’re f-ing huge rocks.  The mag you would need to see “rocks” on the moon would be pretty intense and ain’t no way the slow motion hand controls are gonna allow you to do that.  But still.  It is a pretty awesome scope for your first time.  Just don’t be building things up in your mind to much, otherwise the let down is liable to squash all that enthusiasm you got.  It takes a lot money, and knowledge to get to the super cool stuff but always like the process in getting there.  Enjoy it.

Latika Sharma says:

please do an update on how ur experience has been with this telescope. do share the actual astro bodies you saw.

brigtte bardot says:

i just bought the same one yesterday 🙂   i am  exiting just like you ! 🙂  Maybe this telescope is not the  best in the whole world , but what i see last night  ( moon crater ) was just amazing ! cristal clear image …
have fun !!

DJ. Khaled says:

Can you show us images?

Sachin Gupte says:

fantastic I want to buy my first telescope would u recommend this ? can u see the nebulae and local group

Brian Swartz says:

can probably see the girl down the street also!!

Doctoberfest598 says:

intro was 10/10 lol made me chuckle

impatientfire says:

Cool telescope, I just bought mine today for my bday. It’s on its way by FEDEX, I can’t wait for it!

Freddy Acosta says:

Tripod anyone? Lol

kharnak crux says:

ALL telescopes can do that ;o …   it’s almost the same size and specs as the Celestron Firstscope reflector.     Your next step up is to take decent vids and photos.   NOT easy.    Even on a 4″ reflector i can see Saturn and Uranus

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