Celestron Advanced VX 8″ Newtonian Telescope Review

The Celestron Advanced VX 8″ Newtonian Telescope is a beast! The massive 8″ Newtonian Telescope on the Advanced VX mount not only looks good, but performs too! Gathering 87% more light then a 6″ Newtonian telescope, the 8″ gives fantastic views. Enjoy many nights out with the planets and deep sky objects as you peruse through the NexStar+ hand controllers 40,000 object data base. Utilize the 2″ focuser with 2″ eyepieces and you will be amazed at what lies beyond our Earth. 2″ eyepieces are absolutely incredible in this telescope!

The 8″ Newtonian telescope also comes DSLR ready. Unscrew the 1.25″ adapter and mount a DSLR with a T-ring with ease. The 8″ Newtonian telescope has a focal length of 1000mm and a focal ratio of f5. This allows the telescope to gather light at an efficient pace while not producing much coma or other optical imperfections.

The Advanced VX is a solid mount with excellent features for the price. The motors do a great job with weight imbalances and you can achieve great pictures with precise tracking. Period error correction records and corrects any play in your gears for even better tracking. The maximum capacity on the mount is 30lbs and it is rock solid on the dovetail end. The Advanced VX 8″ Newtonian Telescope comes with 2, 11 lb counter weights.

View in HD 1080P for the best clarity!


Mireille Moquin says:

Great Video. Thanks for posting it.
I’ve been debating between this scope or an SCT. This one looks like the best bet for viewing and AP.

MadMax WellSmart says:

Nice Video Slymin,  I have one of these in route from Celestron now.  Here is a question for you, It looks like it will fit and probably will.  I have a Orion 50mm guide scope and auto guider.  The beast comes with what looks like a 50mm finder with a mount that the finder slips onto then tightens with a set screw.  Will my 50mm guide scope slip into the bracket after I get polar aligned, hence taking the finder out?  And I left you a PM on the AF, same question so disregard that one.

Richard Allen says:

Great video, thanks.

I’m looking for a telescope for astro photography using my large Nikon D4s; will this telescope take the weight of a professional DSLR?

Would I be able to hook this telescope up to my laptop to control it from there?

Thanks… 🙂

Gary Zapotoczny says:

This is about the best review of the Advanced VX Mount. I have an 8 SE and it really is affected by the wind.  Considering the size of your tube, how does your setup handle wind?  Thanks for sharing!  You really did a great job!

ScottyP5947 says:

I really appreciate your reviews of this mount and the two different newts. I have an XT8 but want to astro-image with it, as everyone knows it’s not a plug and play thing even if you buy an EQ mount. Seems the solution to my dilemma is to pick up the VX advanced with the 6″ newt, get rings and a dovetail for my XT8 and plan to (at least to begin with) astro-image with the 6″ and view with the XT8, mounted on this mount. I read below that you say they both (8″ vs 6″) astro-image approximately the same?? If that’s the case then it sounds like I need to watch for one of the 6″ versions to pop up on sale! Do they ever go on sale, that anyone’s seen? Even at $899, what a deal! Thanks in advance! 

Dave NoFingWay says:

Well you have had this a while, after this time, how do you like it now? I am thinking about adding one of these to my arsenal for imaging and down to either this or the 8″ SCT on the AVX mount. I am getting advice from both Celestron and Highpoint, they all love the mount, but seem to be a difference of thinking on the OTA. I know the thing is heavy, however the spot I use it is about 15-20′ from the garage where I store it, and I am not one to throw it in the car and take off for the nearest cow pasture to use it as I have so many things that get attached, such as a Canon DSLR, a laptop, for both slewing with Stellarium and for shutter control of the canon. I am more concerned with how often a reflector needs collimation the moving to where I setup for viewing/imaging.

Chin Sown says:

Thanks for the great video. When the scope pointing upwards, what is the height of eye piece to the ground? What is your height? I am 5 feet 8 inches and do I need a stool/ platform to operate this beast?

Tom Cannon says:

Here is the link to the telescope ad I am viewing and asked about below. Is this the same as you purchased? Any recommendations on what to add since this will be my first telescope. I have been learning the night sky using a Celestron 15 X 70 binoculars and charts, etc. You input is appreciated about this scope. Thanks for the video review. Tango Charlie

Andrew Wilson says:

Hey.You are aware that both the 6″&8″ scopes are both the c n models?.Andy.

Steve Zimbardi says:

Hey…First time watching your videos. Super informative, thank you. Had a question, if you had a choice between the VX 6″ and the VX 8″, what would you choose? Common use would be for back yard viewing. Have an old Meade DS-2114 that I would be upgrading from. Aprreciate any suggestions, or maybe there are other ones to consider… Things I am looking for include:
Equatorial Mount
Newtonian Reflector type
Max $1200


Inafu Sabi says:

I saw this image on G+ https://plus.google.com/+DanielHerron/posts/Y3pCxQeZ5t8 made with this scope and was well informed about the general workings of the scope. Thank you

Galactic Adventurer says:

Hey, nice video, can you tell me if I can take this mount to 15degrees latitude without the weights hitting the tripod legs?

al lla says:

Is this scope CCD compatible?

AstroSkyGuy69 says:

How do you collimate this scope if there are no adjustment knobs on the back primary mirror? Is that some form of cap on the back end?

LunArtsDesign says:

Hi, in the payload capacity of this mount, the two counter weights don´t counts?

Scott Vampola says:

Hi Slymin!  Are you able to collimate your Newtonian by yourself or do you need help.  I was able to adjust the collimation screws on my Celestron 6 inch Newtonian while I looked through my Cheshire, but I think maybe the 8 inch would be too long for that?

michael carquez says:

Does the Advance vx Mount accept the Vixen style dovetail?

Andrew Wilson says:

Any luck on the coma correcter yet?Andy.

medievalman86 says:

do you imagine One could easily put a 10″ orion newtonian (that weighs 25lbs out of the max 30lbs allowed). with included brackets?

MadMax WellSmart says:

could I ask you to go to the AF and check out my M42, turned out pretty good, more detail than I’ve ever gotten before and a total of 34min.  Calling for rain, so I cut it short and went inside.  I wanted you to look at my stars in that image and tell me if you think my culmination is out a little. They said it was culminated at the factory…..Thanks for your help Slymin.

Tom Cannon says:

Slymin, A few questions since I have zeroed in on this 8 in. model to purchase.
1. Weights – You definitely need two weights for this scope, correct? It now sells with one.
2. Coma Corrector – Did you find one that fits your 8 in VX?
3. Colimation – Is it hard to do with this scope? How often done?
4. Imaging- Any equipment you need for imaging with this scope?
5. Tips- Any imaging tips you have learned using the VX8?
6. Eyepieces – I was thinking of getting a Barlow 2X and either Luminos or Meade 5000 eyepieces?

If you prefer using email versus here then cannontj@gmail.com.

T. Cannon

Tom Cannon says:

Greetings Again! Is the VX8 only 36 inches long? The way you filmed it looks longer. Did you ever find a Coma Corrector for it? Finally, is it worth buying the Bundle with the scope or what lenses etc do you recommend?

Advanced VX 8″ Newtonian Reflector 32062 Features:

•7.87 Inch Aperture (200mm)
•472x Maximum Magnification
•Dedicated Autoguider Communication Port
•Parabolic Primary Mirror
– Minimize Spherical Aberration
•7-77° Latitude Range
– For Tracking Passed Meridian
•NexStar+ Hand Control
•All-Star Polar Alignment
•StarBright XLT
•2 AUX Communication Ports
•Stainless Steel Tripod
•Advanced VX Mount
•Flash Upgradeable Operating System
•RS-232 Serial Communication Port
•LED-backlit Interface Buttons

Thanks Tom Cannon

Ossama Shokry says:

Is the focuser a Rack and Penion, or a Crayford?

Tom Cannon says:

I noted you have additional weight on the VX8 you showed on Youtube. Is this the standard mount that is sold with the telescope from Celestron? Did you have to add weights since the advertisement only shows one weight? This looks like a decent scope and I would love to see what images you have taken with it. Tango Charlie

TimTools99 says:

Hey young fella!  Great review.  I’ve been looking at the 8″ Edge.  It’s time to move up to a bigger aperture from my little 80mm Refractor.  I like the fact that this scope will accept 2″ eyepiece.  What other advantages do you see with this telescope rather than the Edge SC

Roger Snee says:

Many thanks for your reviews on this mount. Really great. I currently use a 10inch Skywatcher Dobson Newt with Nexus encoders on Sky Safari, with an equatorial platform, pretty much for viewing, here in the UK.

But….I swallowed the astrophotography red pill, got a Canon 100D DSLR, nice and light, and have been doing solar/lunar and very short stellar work on doubles like Mizar/Alcor. I know I should have gone the equatorial route but there yer go!

I’m going to get the VX later this year, early next and at the moment I’m torn between ED80 APO or a 150/200 PDS Skywatcher Newt. I see the ED80 for large FOV pinsharp astrophotog with a flattener reducer to bring the ratio down. It would be light in weight, a bit like the 6inch VX Newt. The 150/200PDS Skywatchers have the dual focuser and are suitable for the Baader MPCC fitting.

Would get autoguiding later – maybe Orion Awaesome guide package.

Not certain which way to go first. The age old argument – Frac or Newt?

Which do you favour, Slymin? Oh, I should mention I’m an old old, little guy. I can the 10inch Dob scope and mount, just!

Any response, much appreciated, mate. I know you’re real busy! Cheers and regards

Andrew Wilson says:

The vx name comes from the brilliant mount that celestron have produced.

em26jamie says:

On the website it has a picture of the finder scope along with two other accessories with it. Does the finder scope come with an attachment that allows us to attach an auto-guider to it? I can’t find any other info on the finder scope except that it’s 9 x 50.

Patrick Decarvalho says:

Great review, but have you had an experience with the CGEM? Im thinking of getting it instead of the AVX, with an 8 inch SCT. My main line of thinking is that the CGEM would allow me to get a larger OTA in the future, like a 10inch orion astrograph.
You seem to have a lot of experience, so your opinion would be appreciated.
Also, will adding weights (on the eyepiece holder center tray) help with weight capacity/stability? I kinda like the CGEM Dx bc its tripod, but if i can add weights and make the CGEM/AVX tripod better by adding weights, I would skip the Dx.

Nicholas Hernandez says:

Is it hard to collimate the telescope?

Geoff G says:

I have been deliberating between getting the Celestron Advanced VX 8″ Newtonian Telescope and the Advanced VX 6″. My brother would like a telescope for the purpose of astrophotography,  but I would like one for the purpose of observing various celestial bodies. The 8″ would be better for me because it has better light gathering capabilities, has a greater aperture and greater magnification. However, this would be worse for my brother because it would be a lot heavier and would be more likely to move around which would have a significant effect on his photos. Also, the 8″ would allow in more light than he would like.  My questions to you are: how much better is the 8″ for observation, and how much better is the 6″ for astrophotography? What are your thoughts on my dilemma? And how has your experience been with both telescopes?

bustedrav says:

Aren’t the counterweights included in the payload? That would be 36 pounds with the 2 11 pound weights and the 14 pound OTA.

Faisal AL-Maiman says:

Thank you so much for the video. May I ask, does it come with dovetail mounting plate?

Jeff Lucas says:

you need a ladder

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