Celestron Advanced VX 6″ Newtonian Telescope Review

The Celestron Advanced VX 6″ Newtonian Telescope is a fantastic deal! You get a very nice 6″ Newtonian Reflector and the incredible Advanced VX mount for a great price. The 6″ telescope features a 1.25″ focuser that is DSLR ready, all you need is an appropriate T-ring. It does have coma but it really isn’t that noticeable.

The Advanced VX mount has a maximum capacity of 30lbs and handles weight imbalances easily. For astrophotgraphy it is recommended that you only use 50% of your mounts maximum payload for the best tracking. The Advanced VX mount has two auxiliary ports, an auto-guider port, and also a spot for your hand controller. The mount is very solid and is quite reliable. It utilizes Period Error Correction and All Star Polar Align for fantastic tracking and long exposure astro-photos.

View in HD 1080P for the best clarity!
Thanks to Jason Shaw @ Audionautix.com for the music.


Jeff Jones says:

Question Sly…In your opinion, Is the OTA still worth the extra cost when the AVX is on sale for 720 or should I just get the mount and use it with my current OTA’s.

Freddy Acosta says:

Thanks, nice review, I have the Celestron 130SLT a 5 incher. Pretty similar, but I definitely want to get a German Equatorial mount.

Dan says:

You did but I just wanted to verify. I didn’t know if after the review you discovered problems. Thanks.

michael carquez says:

Awesome review. I have 2 questions. I am fairly new to astronomy and have heard of people having trouble focusing there Dslr with newtonians? would that be a problem with this scope. and does the scope come with a collamtion circle?


buff001 says:

thanks so much for the review. this scope/mount combo gets crapped on a lot, but for a rank beginner it seems like maybe the cheapest way to get started and do some entry level photography.

Any must-have accessories to buy with it? Powertank, bahtinov mask, collimation tool, ???

draco6543 says:

At F/5 there’s considerable coma, which could be objectionable especially if the telescope is being used for imaging. However coma correctors will remove it for visual observing or imaging. However, F/5 optics do not create nearly as much coma as F/4.5 or F/4 mirrors will. At F/4 and below coma correctors are a must. The OTA does look like a nice visual telescope however.

BBAFER says:

Thank you SOOOOO much!

ScottyP5947 says:

Slymin, thanks for this great review. I bought this and I’m super happy with the results. Have you found a reasonable replacement focuser for this rig that still works for prime focus astrophotography? As you state in your video, the focuser is tight, especially when it’s cold out!! I’m considering re-lubing it with something less viscous or just replacing it all together. Any thoughts?

reza farivar says:

Great review, thanks. 

Tazyo Indoy says:

Thanks for your review. I purchased one and enjoyed using it after watching this review. Just a couple of questions. I’ve been looking for a cable so I can hook up the mount to a computer and use stellarium but all I can find are I think rj45 to serial cable. At the bottom of the hand controller, I have a mini usb connector. Will a mini usb cable work if I hook it up to the hand controller then to pc? Or should I get a rj45 to serial then serial to usb and hook it up from the aux port of the mount?

Thank you again for the wonderful review.

Dean Waterbury says:

Excellent review!!  I’m an old fart about to purchase a SkyWatcher 120ED Pro and was looking for a decent mount, and landed here searching for an AVX review.  Great info, well done!  I love the idea of getting the AVX **with a 6″ newt for just another C-note**, or better yet, an 8″ for ~$300… Many thanks!

The Cantrell Project says:

do you think you can resolve cassini’s division with this scope? also, can you slew the scope manually? is it a pain to do so?

GeorgeMoreno90 says:

Hi Slymin I have one question.
When you say that the focuser barrel needs to take off for attaching the DSLR, that means that I can not adapt any T-Adapter? It is true? then I can’t attach any filter like 1.25 skyglow filters to my camera??

Simon Niel Lowry says:

What guidscope setup is best to put on the 6″ tube?

Morien Prakash says:

Great review thank you!  I just got mine today; this helped to watch this!

bitnbytes01 says:

Superb review, thanks, I will be looking closer at this for basic Astrophotography.

Nano Carnage says:

This review was excellent! very helpful! 

janus alcoseba says:

lol omg to understand the universe

Anthony Le says:

Slymin, thank you for this review! I am considering this complete package vs the Celestron OMNI XLT 150 Newtonian with a tripod/mount to be determined. What I am wondering is apart from color are these telescopes different? For instance, does this scope have XLT coating? I think this scope has a 1.25″ focuser right. Is this upgradable to a 2″ focuser? Are those the only differences (apart from color of course?)

Herzy VFX says:

How do you collimate it without the primary mirror being center spotted?

Dan says:

So I just ordered this setup. It’s probably a week or so out. How well does this focus with a DSLR? Do you find you have to use a barlow or anything? I know there will be an issue with coma, but besides that any issues with DSLR imaging? My main plan was to order the mount and put my old nexstar OTA (c8) on it, but for the $100 extra I decided I might as well get an extra OTA! Thanks for the great video! 

Mario Villalobos says:

Nice review. Do you use autoguider on this setup?

Ajsbored says:

Would this be okay for beginner astrophotography?

Matt Moseman says:

Good review. I have the exact same mount and scope and love it as well. Only gripe I have is I should have went with the 8″ newt!

Dwitya Pradipto Darmawan says:

Great review!!
Can i use this telescope near the equotorial ? around 5*North

LunArtsDesign says:

Great review, thanks for upolad this

Tempes Fugit says:

Thanks the review! It is great that you take the time to do those!

I have a few of questions. I hope you can help me figure these out.

1- At 12:08, the eyepiece is on top of the tube. Can you rotate the tube to place it in a more ergonomic position without messing up the alignment? Is the mount sturdy enough for that?

2- At 12:25 you mention the polar alignment. Do you align the telescope on the pole or just with other stars as you have indicated earlier on in the video?

3- When doing a star alignment, how can you be sure that the stars are perfectly in the middle of the field of the telescope? Is there an eyepiece with a reticle that do this?

4- How long of an exposure with a DSLR can be reasonably done? The picture you showed was great but there were no details.


Grewious says:

Exellent review indeed. Much more information than you get from webstores.
Thinking of buying this scope and this information was really helpfull. Thanks!

John B. says:

Great review I cant wait for a clear night so I can enjoy my telescope.

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