76700 telescope review

76700 telescope review


zoey virga says:

can you please
make a video on how you put this telescope together

Hoàng Hồ Vũ Anh says:

i had bought it like you. but i dont know to use. i cant see anything. can you help me ? thanks very much ^^

TheKdw7 says:

Try Amazon.com. They have all kinds of eyepieces at different prices they fit your wallet. That’s where I brought most of my eyepieces from.

Wim V says:

I got one like that….   not happy with it…lol…the   tripod  is   no good…the plastic lens holder cracked…there is a lot of play in it…   the 76 mmm  is good though….   I build a new tripod  for it…so I can actually use it…  use a 25mm  with it   maybe in combination with a barlow

Ste says:

I have a Zennox 76×700 scope just bought brand new and no matter how many tutorial videos I watch on how to use it etc I’m still none the wiser with it. Are you suppose to take the end’s of it or keep them on??? When I look through the main scope that is on the side, All I can see is my own eye looking at me LOL. What do I do???

J. Ram says:

Can’t see shit! Too dark

mahesh raju says:

i am able to see jupitor whith all its gallilian moons….the construction is poor and flimsy but if u handle her gently she will show u a lot(i am talking bout the skies;))

S123 says:

can you see saturn or jupiter cleanly?

Wim V says:

://members. home.nl/wkv/the_sky.html 

Tony Walls says:

Would you please change your smoke detector battery before your next video……

MarsShaker War * says:

calibrate, you mean laser calibration

lafalot lafferty says:

do you have any instructions

Captin Light says:


Jonny Smedley says:

I want a telescope and have looked at this one can anyone recommend me one

Subby says:

This is not a good telescope. Instructions are not user friendly – my first telescope ever and it’s a headache!

Freddy Acosta says:

Good for watching the moon, nothing more. Clearly, this telescope is a 9.2 focal ratio telescope. Old and outdated telescope, between 7-10 years old.

Quicksilver says:

Holy smokes coffin the friggen battery in the smoke I started looking for mine don’t think focaling is a word keep saying ahh ahh driving me nuts the ahh the ahhhmm the Fuckin battery please I’ll pay for it I seen planet ahhrmmm haaaaa

Hoàng Hồ Vũ Anh says:

or you make a video about how to use it, ^^ thanks

TheKdw7 says:

Yes you can . You can see even little details pending on sky conditions. You have to use your focuser just right to see even more. But make sure you do not bump in to it:-)

데디 says:

Excuse me… What are you using?

Kubix TV says:

am watching this in 2018

Lorenzo Von matterhorn says:

im still trying to figure out how to setup the eyepiece -.- any ideas bro?

Cliff T says:

I also have this telescope i recommend change eye pieces they too small to look through i use Super 10mm and Super 25 wide view gives some great views also you can use modded camera works great imaging moon.

MrMilkBR says:

Thanks man!

n33dw33d3333 says:

its a reflector telescope, it has mirrors not lens

01wizmiles01 says:

whats your problem man. i have one also and setting up the view finder is no problem. the chrome adjustable rod is very useful. you just need patients to set things right dood.

kakoroto says:

What lenses do you have with the telescope?

Bob McKasky says:

any chance you could copy the instructions for me?  mine did not come with instructions 🙁

Anthon Deutsch says:

Thank you for your video it was great!

Dreptu Teodor says:

Hello man, can i see with him Saturn, Jupiter with moons? thanks!

Leonna Graca says:

WTF this guy needs a secondary brain

Subby says:

really don’t understand!

AJC11C says:

Any recommendations from Amazon for this telescope?

Ryker Percival says:

Got this used at a pawn shop…Not sure if the view finder is messed up or if the telescope its self is broken.

Roger Lark says:

What a dick head

Teo Rock says:

I just bought 2hand (19 euros like new) .

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