20 inch Dobsonian Telescope construction

Construction of a 20 inch Dobsonian Telescope by Peter Smith
Music created by Peter Smith

Set up for a nights observation at 5:35 minutes in to the video.

Full construction blog :


honorio sergio says:

wow. amazing telescope

JoeJoeV12 says:

I never would have thought The Hound was into astronomy.

SandLeopard003 says:

where u can buy the mirror ?

SmokeFlame1 says:

That is a work of art. Beautiful. Did you design your own plans or acquire them from someone else. I ask because I’m thinking of building one of these.

Martin Bettler says:

very well done! if I might ask: what focal ratio did you choose for your 20″?

honorio sergio says:


Vitaliy Yutovets' says:

Very interesting video.

Michael Toms says:


Egor Kalenkov says:

THAT is way beyond sexy, thats porny!!! Great job!!!

Denis Sato says:

Congratulations man! Awesome!

Celia M says:

I am so envious! I am fascinated by astronomy and would love to build my own telescope with as much craftsmanship as yours. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Pablo Gabs says:

Amazing work

draco6543 says:

You did an outstanding job on your 20-inch, I’m sure the views through it are even better when sky conditions are good. The craftsmanship is first rate. No NGC or IC object can hide from it under dark skies…….:-)

Wolfman Jack says:

Just wow. It’s a work of art. May you get many years of pleasure from it.

Ahmad Isa says:


pipnina says:

That scope looks brilliant. Only downside is the need to use a ladder to look through it haha.

Astronomy73 says:

If you do not mind Peter Smith, I was wondering if you could share a list of parts in which the telescope was built with?

Juan David Barrada says:

Wow! That’s a beauty! I would definitely use this video (and the blog of course!) as a guide to build my own one…your telescope looks exactly like my dream one! (I have almost everything ready for mine but,  it’ll be smaller…”just” 12 inches)

Paul T says:

Beautiful. Proper job!

magdanoz88 says:

Hi, Peter! Can I ask you – how did you mount the secondary mirror onto its base? By gluing it? If so – which type of glue you used?

Markus Maxwell says:

That’s a beauty of a scope Peter!

Clear Skies! 🙂

Алексей Алексеев says:


honorio sergio says:

hello Peter Smith very beautiful and neat his telescope, congratulations!

Piyush Kumar Rai says:

Beautiful job! And I have to say – the music was very interesting.

Mk101T says:

20 inches ? Nobody’s dick is that big. What kind of crazy porno flick is this ?

LOL haha … jokey joke.

I like your music on the video … just wish you had some versions with real time.

Amit Kaushik says:

Hi Peter, Awesome Job.. i was wondering how good it would be showing planets and nebulas..i have a 12 inch…wouldyou mind sharing some pics of its observation?

Chip53 Do says:

Peter fantastic job. Question about the secondary cage. You seem to show some kind of sheet of wood forming the inner cylinder cage. What is that stuff? It seems awful thick to be regular veneer. Did you have to steam it to make the round cylinder?

Telescopios Medellín says:

Hola muy buenas tardes, pregunta, de casualidad no fabricas estos telescopios bajo pedido? para enviar a Miami / Florida?

Gunnar Jensen says:

Very nice

moussaemad says:

What a wonderful skill! Fantastic job, mate!

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