10 Ways to Improve a Newtonian Reflector

This is a short video about upgrades for your Newtonian reflector. I’m almost positive there’s something in this list you haven’t considered so stay tuned.

Fan: https://amzn.to/2K8R32T

Turbo film: https://amzn.to/2jPp2lW

Coma corrector: https://amzn.to/2jMAyON


UReasonIt says:

Garnett, great video as always.

Another good and easy newt performance change is flocking the tube. It can be expensive if you use the material like Protostar, but you can do it cheaper with a mix of Protostar and craft store adhesive felt sheets. I have done various ways from, just flocking behind the secondary opposite the focuser. Just using @10$USD of the good stuff. I have also just flocked from the tube opening to just past the focuser (all the way the tube) This covers about 33 percent of the tube. The last was to use the expensive flocking behind the secondary and then the rest of the tube with craft store felt. This can also benefit and sct as well. The contrast increase you get make the work worth it.

An easy visual seeing helper is also a piece of light weight black cloth to cover ones head as you view. Kind of like the old photographers used. This helps seeing though an eyepiece a lot more enjoyable.

burnt waffles says:

Im saving for an Orion XT10g GoTo

Netty Voyager says:

you can buy any telescope its not the scope that costs you its the stand and the equipment. you can make a telescope but no camera or filter s no pictures my filters cost me £400 twice the price of my telescope so go figure 😛

Netty Voyager says:

william optics have just started doing them they give you more clear spikes in color if your using a Color cam of course 🙂

Ahgii says:

Very helpful video! You sound like Eugene from the Walking Dead by the way…

KL Music says:

It would be very convienent to have a magnified finder scope, but if your very good at estimating, you could probably use a red dot finder. I was able to find the Crab Nebula with a red dot finder.

Ghryst VanGhod says:

99% certain this is Eugene Porter from walking dead

J R's Place says:

Nice! I never would have thought about upgrading to knobs and a better spider.

Eksile8 says:

Why does it sound like I am being given pointers by Eugene from the walking dead!?!! I mean no disrespect. Thanks for the help however, this was very informational.

Kenneth Cantu says:

Awesome vid!! Thanks for tips.Quick question: Do you broadcast on NSN? Clear Skies………..KennFromTx

Roland K. says:

I would start from barlow and eyepiece 😉

Netty Voyager says:

have you tried the clear plastic Bahtinov mask yet !

Jeffrey Nunes says:

Great video! Tnx!

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