10 Best Beginner Telescope Reviews

In this review, we take a look at the Top 10 BEST Beginner Telescopes.

Check out our UPDATED List of Beginner Telescopes Reviewed and Ranked: http://telescopes.toptenreviews.com/telescopes-for-beginners-review/

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Zerobladetion Wot says:

I got the Orion Starblast 6 tabletop  am happy with it. I only got a budget of 320. Aperture is 150 mm decent enough for me. I love telescopes but when i get enough money i will upgrade. 750 force length i will enjoy my time.

Bruce M Carleton Jr says:

I have owned many telescopes over the years ( I can’t help it – They’re Magic )
I have experience with refractors SCT’s ( up to 12 inch ) and Newtonians.
But my favorite of all time is the Edmund Astroscan.
If you step outside and see that the skies are clear, I take my astroscan and sit in a lawn chair, holding it in my lap and just roam about the sky. It’s quick, easy and fun.
And also I’ve used it up 200X on the moon and the sights there were almost as good as I get when looking through my Meade LX 50

unitor699 says:

so can i see pluto with that shit?

Assassination says:


spudwebster says:

This should have been labeled “Best Inexpensive Beginner Telescopes”

Doctor Mysterio says:

Orion SkyQuest XT4.5 is better than Orion SkyQuest XT8? Or XT10?? Why 4.5

Manko Slayer says:

2:31 90 miller-meter

Dennis Hawley says:

Barely a word about the optics (one mention of ‘crisp’ viewing), all about price and bells and whistles added.  Except for the Meade ETX 80, these are Chinese-made scopes of variable quality.  Better to buy a vintage Japanese-made scope in good condition; regardless of which company made them, the optics are superior.

D.R. W says:

For a beginner I agree with the Astroscan though I think a person should start with a decent 20×50 binocular or a good quality spotting scope. At least then if they don’t catch the astronomy bug they still have something useful.

Equatorial mounts can be pretty frustrating for beginners. Especially cheap ones.

kiran patel says:

Beautiful video and you described it more beautifully

Andre Luiz says:

thanks man, i am looking to buy one… this video helps

Omar Khan says:

All crap telescopes. Save up and buy a quality instrument.

Diamond Grader says:

I really enjoyed mine, but keep in mind . . . they are heavy, you’ll often want to align them which isn’t always easy, you’ll need a dark place to set up.  Arguably, winter is the best season – dress warm.  Enjoy.

Govind Sharma says:

wat about the celestron 50Az ..?? suggest me before I get this..

Subhankar Roy says:

Hi..What telescope would you recommend to me .to see stars,planets,solar system….I’m a beginner suggest me a telescope between 180-130 us dollars… as good as possible…..

speedsweets67 says:


what does a amateur aspect?

not this rubbish.

A Dobson???

mirceaar says:

Who made this Top Ten?!?
Should have been called “Top Ten  Toyish Telescopes for under 300$”
You either have decent optics on crappy mounts/tripods – and the mount does matter, or crappy optics on crappy mounts.
The best beginner telescope is either a 6″ or a 8″ dobsonian reflector. And a good sky atlas book.
Or a good pair of binoculars. 7×50, 10×50, 11×70 or about.

Govind Sharma says:

wat about the celestron 50Az ..?? suggest me before I get this..

Roy Hemion says:

Should be labled top 10 beginner telescopes instead of “amateur’!

rocket9244 says:

4.5 at #1 ?  lol, OK.. they need a reviewer that  has used telescopes before. .. #1 should be a orion XT8. 8 inch dobsonian telescope… which isn’t even listed. and telescopes with the yoke mount…those are junk scopes. dont ever buy one.

Jose Toste says:

não prestas

Jose Toste says:


rocket9244 says:

Yoke mount is total CRAP. Never buy a scope with a yoke mount. either the EQ, Dob or motor mounts will work.
 and his reviews are crap. those scopes are junk except for the Orion xt8.

Geometry Dash Alex says:

I bought the brother of the celestron 70AZ, I bought the skywatcher 70/700 AZ-2 as my beginner telescope. Was that a good choice or….? I bought it for 150 €.

Also mentioning I’m a 12 year old child, if that helps.

Nhan Ngo says:

These are all crap. WTF man? I have a better telescope for less than the price than some. Why 4.5 for No.1? You could get the 8in for a little more that the most expensive. Really, don’t start off with crap that you can’t use and expect to upgrade. Get one that you know you will use for years. I’ve learned. Don’t by any of this shit. Get a moderately priced Celestron or Orion. $500 bucks is what you want to have for an intermediate or beginner. Just don’t expect to see awesome images taken from the Hubble. If you really don’t have the money, limited your expectations. Yes these are fair for the moon, sun, and planets, but you have to be in a really dark site to see anything like the Orion Nebula. don’t use this list. It is unhelpful and lead me to buy my first and worst telescope.

Larry G says:

Should be titled “Top 10 Best BEGINNER Telescopes”.

kharnak crux says:

i got a Celestron Firstscope 5″ reflector, and i’m quite happy with it.   it’s a surprisingly good scope for a budget line.     it’s enough to actually spot the 4 Galilean moons of jupiter.

SiiKLiiD II says:

Are Sky Watcher telescopes any good? I got one for Christmas, never even looked through someone elses in my life and im a bit stuck…… Any advice? Tips? Thanks

usernamemykel says:

Beginners often don’t have the money, and certainly the experience/knowledge, for most of the scopes shown.

mnpd3 says:

Toys.  Someone mentioned beginner’s scopes start at 6 or 8-inch.  That’s true for these days.  50-years ago it wasn’t so; a 3″ refractor was a beginner’s telescope. I only saw one 6″ reflector and an 8″ was unheard of.  Things weren’t cheaply mass-produced in those days, the selection was small and if you wanted a real “light bucket” it required a second mortgage.

Apo Peri says:

EVERYBODY STOP! the dob shown in this video is NOT the best beginner telescope. If you do some digging you dont have to get that large uncomfortable thing for over 500. There are many better dobs for less

Jan Koet says:

Oh yes! I sell my Astro Physics 180EDT and buy the Orion Spaceprobe 3 instead! LOL!

K LE says:

Hi, what is the difference between the Orion 130 EQ and the 130ST versions? Which is better? I would like to get a telescope that will mainly give good views of the moon and planets, but want enough power to see galaxies and nebulas. Which would you recommend for a beginner? Also, I was also interested in the Starblast 4.5 EQ reflector, but since it has a shorter focal length, I am concerned that I won’t get good views of planets as opposed to more distant galaxies or nebulas. Thanks for any advise you may have.

Jeffery Belk says:

I got a tasco beginner 50x50mm telescope for my birthday, haven’t got to see stars, to cloudy, but I looked at a tree and it was clear

szaki says:

Da Best telescope iiiis, the one most used!

curdled cobbler says:

I know alot of people want a good beginner scope. There are many to choose from but if I could recommend one for you it would be the Brown 4250se. Very sturdy model for the price. Check it out

Paul Beak says:

For anyone out here thinking about buying a scope to start out, don’t waste your money. Its better to buy a good scope with a computerized EQ mount than waste your cash on these cheap ass scopes except the Dob. Buy cheap and you will either lose interest very quickly or go out and buy a better scope and mount anyway. Do some research on astronomy sites to find the best deals

Bob Frankenstein says:

*Huge hint here*:
if you have about 150 saved for a telescope… resist the urge to buy, keep saving, double it n buy something at LEAST worthwhile… nothing under 250!!!

David Y says:

guys should i get celestron powerseeker 70AZ or Orion 10033 FunScope 76mm TableTop Reflector Telescope

David Punkin says:

I’m extremly pleased with my Celestron 127EQ http://amzn.to/1RxEPjt and my Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70AZ http://amzn.to/1J7Saf0

Bob Kocar says:

al la bunch of junk

hardino0311 says:

Why no Zhumell?

Radu Andreyi says:

A dobsonian for no 1? smh

Steven Varner says:

I agree with those that recommended a good pair of astronomical binoculars for a first scope. Get a good pair of 7X50 binoculars, such as a Celestron. The 7mm exit pupil is about right for night viewing. You have wide angle views, so it’s the best for learning constellations, which you have to be able to do. You will still need them later when you get a larger scope to find objects in the sky you want to point your finder scope at. I operated a 35 inch scope at a planetarium, and I was always using binoculars to spot objects to view. You can also do real astronomy by lying down on a lawn chair and doing nightly sky surveys for novae.

jakfuki says:

No offense, but any scope under 500 bucks and less than 6 to 8 inches in aperture kinda sucks. I’ve owned a wide variety of scopes, and anything you guan buy at Walmart just isn’t worth it. Of anything, if I were nine years old, most of these scopes would turn me off to the hobby. Then again, maybe I’m just not content looking at white dots slightly larger than what I can see with the naked eye.

Mary McShane says:

Trying to buy my first telescope and i’m getting a little confused by aperture sizes etc. I Have used telescopes in the past as my Dad was very into astronomy but sadly i didn’t pay enough attention (something i deeply regret now). I would like to attach my camera to the telescope so i’m not looking for basic, something where i will see Jupiters red spot etc. If anyone would be kind enough to recommend a good telescope and advise on aperture, i’d very much appreciate it.

Pong The Boy says:

Thanks for the upload great vid.. Would be great if you had some prices though

Billy Bob says:

Dumb Ass

IrishBard says:

I always knew Celestron was a gateway telescope, now im shooting stars everyday.

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