Yukon Spirit 4×50 monocular Review

This is a review of the Yukon Spirit 4×50. Very nice monocular. I highly recommend it for a starter monocular.


luther303 says:

Thanks for posting the video, I’m getting one now!

Neil Couey says:

If Mrs. Mobley wants a set of Binocs I can suggest a couple of different options. Optics are kinda one of my things. Haven’t tried the night vision stuff and may have to give the monocular a look.

LDSPrepper says:

I’m glad you like the night vision mono as much as I do. It is a ton of fun and the visual clarity and quality is amazing for under $200. I took it out the first night in partial moon light. I could see the trees across on open field several hundred yards away very clearly. I took it in the forest and saw down the trail very clearly. BTW, 4×50 means 4= 4x magnification, 50=50mm lens size. The bigger the lens the more light that comes in and the wider the view.

Meme Eme says:

Hello there, i have this binocular Spirit 4×50 & it suddenly stopped working after 1 month use, the manual is lost so i don’t have any way to see the tips in it, when i install the batteries it goes on normally but i cannot see anything through it, the batteries are new, i tried other new ones but the same problem still there, i took off the first lens where you see through and i see another smaller lens behind it but it has a white sheet behind that one as well so what could this be? Could this be the reason for the binocular not to function? 
Thank you in advance. 

scooter17568 says:

@cmobley69 Sorry I’m no help. Still shopping for my first real camera. I know my little phone couldn’t do it.

siankaan71 says:

@cmobley69 not yet but are on the way, i bought it on ebay, you can find them using “Adeoptics NWMT 4×50 mm Night Vision Monocular Scope” in the searching bar, check the description to give me a light review

Orb 2010 says:

Is it difficult for me to see through the eyepiece? I always have to put my glasses on 🙁


can u use it during the day normally

scooter17568 says:

Very nice. Great review. Would love to see if you can get some camera shots through it sometime.

Dr. Prepper says:

@ndcouey70 my binocs are on the way Couey… 🙂 can’t wait…

Dr. Prepper says:

@scooter17568 i’ve tried to video tape thru it.. I can’t get it to focus… have any sugesstions for me?? I would love to do an update showing everyone how clear it is..

Dr. Prepper says:

@PopPrepper my wife or the monoculars.. 🙂

Dr. Prepper says:

@mctucky1 Bob Seger.. 🙂 Ya it’s something my wife really wanted.. and now she wants the binocs.. ugh.. oh well could be diamonds, new cars, furniture.. but, noooo she wants’ guns, binocs, and tech gear… hehehee.. poor Dr. Prepper…

Dr. Prepper says:

@siankaan71 hey when you get it, do a review on it.. would love to see how well they work. Very reasonable price. Wife wants another.. 🙂 she loves her night vision.. I think she is a closet voyeur hahahaha.. just kidding honey.. 🙂

Neil Couey says:

@cmobley69 If you can find them “they were discontinued Jan 01, 2012” The original Leupold Yosemite 6x green ring binocs are the best you can get for under 3 bills. Which is great because they usually run around $100 but were on clearance for $75 recently. The newer version designated BX-1 are supposed to be an upgrade, but I haven’t been able to find an apples to apples review. If they are even equally as good as the originals, they will impress you.

mctucky1 says:

Love the intro tune. Nice review. Something for me to think about for later.

Dr. Prepper says:

You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Dr. Prepper says:

@PopPrepper hehehehe…. couldn’t resist.. she whacked me pretty good…

Dr. Prepper says:

@scooter17568 hehehehe… i hear ya… I’ll try a few things.. too bad it didn’t have a connector for cameras.. but, that’s MO’ money… 🙂

Pavel Paškevič says:

Yukon is Belarusian company not Lithuanian.

Dr. Prepper says:

@ndcouey70 I just checked and 79 is the lowest offered.. they are being discontinued. I went with the BX-1

Pops Quest says:

@cmobley69 You are a TRIP Brother!

Dr. Prepper says:

@siankaan71 never heard of them.. but, I just checked the price and they seem reasonable in price. Not sure about quality. Do you have one??

nightprowler says:

Oh very cool definitely check that out thanks

Anthony Chavez says:

am getting the 6-100×100 Spotting Scope any day now from Amazon.

JudA K says:

How can I get one? Australia don’t do Amazon

Dr. Prepper says:

@Drone1njj thank you sir

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