Xgen pro 3x Infrared monocular on a budget

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Great little starter scope or budget scope for night vision spotting.
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MountainRaider says:

nice review and scope!good choice!

StlTony says:

good review bro !

joe Recto says:

I bought one in 2013. For the price, it is decent. Like the video says… it will bleach out your eye. Looking for an optics grade red filter to resolve this problem. I have fun with it. Mostly a Novelty item.

Robert Fisher says:

I got lucky and got one for free. will not ever trade it or sell it

TRprepper says:

I have a $150 night vision scope and they work pretty good.

Scott F. says:

Good review…

doug mayer says:

Just got mine in the mail today and it’s not like the picture on Amazon or like this one.It’s objective lens is smooth on the outside plus it only takes 3 AA batteries instead of 4.Plus,I have to hold mine sideways for the image to be upright,is this right or did I get a lemon.Don’t know whether to contact the seller on Amazon to see why my Xgenpro is not like the the photo their showing plus I have to hold mine sideways for the screen to be upright.

Jon Neet says:

Does this thing have a tripod mount screw hole on it?

Leo Ouradnik says:

So be a pirate. When they had an eye patch on it was because so if they got attacked, the captain went to the bottom deck and one eye could see

MCK says:

Good timing, checkin these out at work last night on the net and kinda hard make a decison base on the reviews but your opinion I can bet on

AVincent2 says:

Would there be any problem viewing the screen for someone wearing glasses?

2704Michael says:

Thanks for your video it was much more helpful than the instruction manual. kind regards mike

Jose Oliveras says:

Hello and thank you for the video review. It was very helpful. I have one question: If you point it to the sky, does it see the stars and does it pick up airplanes/insects/birds flying by?

FringeSniper says:

Good review.

TheBullFrogMan says:

Need one to find my way to the Outhouse!

John Solar 283 ™ says:

nice little rig.

UrbanArmed says:

Great review bro.. I will need one of those in a few years on the ranch to see where those coyotes are!

UFO Seekers says:

Thanks for the great video. Perfectly done.

Bluetunder40 says:

Nice One Bro!

eltenda fabrizio says:

for a basic one ain’t that bad,…

Ayana Mantis says:

“Swift NightHawk 82mm Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece 851ED-351 w/ Free Shipping Get it here! http://shrsl.com/?~cjzw

lonnieke says:

I just found one dumpster diving and it works great! sweet thanks!


Looks like a fun toy

Mr. Tolly (AKA: fatmantolly) says:

Sounds link a lot of money.

rls303 says:

For the price, Very impressed, Thanks for the look/info

tyronealfonso says:

Thanks for this video. Which would you prefer, this or the Night Owl NONEXGEN?

Juan Roberto Villalobos Narvaez says:

I have one of this, the baterries leak and the monocoular stop working. A little help over here!?

mixflip says:

You should check out the new FLIR attachment for cell phones I saw at CES 2015 last week. $250-ish. Should be out this summer. Check my channel for the booth visit video. I think you’d like it.

TheRealCobraBurnout says:

Nice review. Looks like it is a decent budget level night vision.

real2all1 says:

Thanks for the information.  You are very clear and precise and use  clear words when describing your night vision monocle.  Thank you very much.

Will Best says:

Thanks, I can see that hanging by my front door!

Bobby Nations says:

so its black and white not green

doug mayer says:

I just ordered the xgen pro and was wondering which is the newer model because mine has the ribbed covering on the objective lens plus it just says xgen on it’s side but I’m seeing other xgen pro’s that have a smooth objective lens cover plus it says xgenpro on it’s side

AuRebel says:

Good review.

Derick Boisvert says:

how is the eye relief on it

gun nut says:

That’s bad ass bro cool puppers too 🙂

504 Dirt Dart says:

Cool little IR monocular.

Mouse Toes says:

Thanks for sharing this. Have searched unsuccessfully for an affordable one as well as one on standard batteries.

echoThreeOneSix says:

Looks like a nice piece… did you ever send ur address for those patches?

Gian Volante says:

Hi great review Thanks
I’m a bit confused with of light in total darkness though, they say the light is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen by another person using night vision,. if you say I can be seen by a lone person ???

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