Vortex Solo Monoculars

You can always have a quality optic close at hand with the Solo Monocular. http://www.vortexoptics.com/category/solo_monoculars


Johnny Brooks says:

I got the 8-25 today for my edc.
It seems to be of solid quality and works well.

1000 Ways to Save Money - Book says:

Certainly good stuff to have with, while being outdoors!
I have 8×36 and it was well worth the purchase!

josephguerra1992 says:

Will there be updated versions of the solos releasing this year at shot? Thanks

Rafael Moriel says:

Hi. For Bowhunting wish Monocular Solo do you really recommended, 8×36 version or 10×36 version; thx in advance!

Vortex Optics says:

The Solo is the name of the model, and a monocular is a description of what it is (binoculars, riflescope, etc.). Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions.

Paweł S says:

what are they made of inside? plastic?

Vortex Optics says:

Night vision equipment is very expensive and even the cheapest equipment will run several hundred dollars. For daytime use, we do offer a Solo 8X25 or 8X36 that might work nicely for you. The 8X36 and 10X36 Solo models also price out at about $100. Thanks again and let us know if you have any other questions.

Joe Tactical says:

I ordered the 10×25 and it should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to use it in the field. BTW is this guy Adam Sandlers son?

Titus Pullo says:

Your hair is fucked up dude

Vortex Optics says:

I’m sorry that you feel that way. What were you hoping to see?

Vortex Optics says:

These monoculars are not night vision-capable. They are designed for daytime use. You could definitely look at the stars/moon with this monocular but they would not provide the images that a full-size spotting scope would provide you with. Thanks again and please let us know if you have any other questions.

date minori says:

I’m thinking to buy one for target archery. Which one would you recommend?

Guns Glory says:

If you are looking for night vision than you are going to have to spend triple what your looking at spending.. Also if your wanting to look at stars night vision isn’t what your looking for. Night vision is for use in complete darkness, your image wouldn’t be good in a night vision scope if you were looking at the stars which luminate (give off light). What your looking for is a good spotting scope.

Adam N says:

Would one of these be suitable for a meter reader who sometimes has to view electricity meters under people’s houses from 3m + away, sometimes in dimly lit conditions?

Wilson Harvey says:

Hey :), Just wondering are these nightvision? And could i spectate the stars/moon with this?

Vortex Optics says:

Ah ok I see. I misread that. Sorry for the confusion!

CommonSensePrepper says:

Great monocular, case is poor. Is Vortex planning to improve the case?

TokyozzFinest says:

I think Joe works out.

Wilson Harvey says:

Thanks for the quick reply, do you know of any night vision or day/night monoculars. Preferably under $100

Shadow says:

I got one just recently..a gift to myself. The 10×25… good quality! I really like it.

Pantheon says:

Hi, where Vortex solo monoculars are made?

Deckard Shaw says:

solo monocular is twice, it’s solo or monocular.

Joseph Pochron says:

I purchased the Solo R/T Tactical 8×36 and when I opened the box the lenses from the eyepiece were laying in the storage bag. No damage to the Monocular and I tried to put them back in but no way to secure the lenses. Is this a common issue?

Nicholas Yurasko says:

Looks great, but in the lense, is there a cross hair of any kind? If so, is there anyway I can see a picture of it?

Patriot36 says:

0:53 That’s pretty sweet, Joe! Kinda like how uni-cycles are better than bicycles and how snowboards have no issues like snow skis, or like how knives have no issues like scissors. Definitely a highlight for the product!

adadad47637 says:

Hi, can I ask how big is the difference between quality of Picture by solo 8×25 and 10×25?

zahrose says:

Hi I know it might be a dumb question but what is the likely distance of these monoculars? I am not very familiar with 8×25 etc

Liam McBride-Kelly says:

I think xplizitnature was talking to coolgearSK rather than you 🙂

coolgearSK says:

Just ordered one 8×25 for my review, hope it would not disappoint me:)

iReturnV1deotapes says:

which one of your products would you recommend for a PI?

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