vortex solo monocular 10×25 review awesome!

forgot to mention price is around $55 dollars on amazon great value and best warranty in the business


Randy Huffman says:

Do you still recommend this monocular? Am looking for a compact monocular that is 10x.

Gary Hart says:

I apologize, but just an FYI… its “Cordura” not “Condura”.  Question: I thought MOLLE was pronounced like “Mole-Lay”. I’m not Military so I don’t know. Yours is the first time I’ve heard somebody say “Molly”. Do you know which it is?

Question: Can you adjust the focus of this monocular with the same hand you are holding it in? I’ve read other reviews where they’ve said it’s stiff and have had to send it back to have them work it on.

SonicG6 says:

is it also a night vision ?

Andres Etchenique says:

Many thanks ! Great review – closed the deal for me !! Just ordered one !! Cheers !

wolf314v says:

Hey thanks for the video.  You made a really good point about the size of this and something with more magnification.  I was thinking of going for a 10×36, however this model was at least half the cost and close to half the size. 🙂

The Lightborne says:

clear optics yes…but i think we are better off with our own eyes….the range isnt all that…..

EarlyMist says:

Thanks for the review. If I have slightly shaky hands do you think the 8 x might be a bit better? Basic spotting while hiking, some small game hunting, spotting problems in tress re: arborist work etc. Cheers.

Paweł K says:

szkoda pieniędzy na ten badziew lepiej widać gołym okiem niż przez to

Patriot36 says:

1:33 actually, that’s the focus and there is no “zoom” or adjustable magnification.

SC Rider says:

Good vid, Can you operate bezel ring with same hand holding the mono?

Shadow says:

Awesome! bought one at Amazon also.. waiting for it on the mail 🙂

zahrose says:

do you know the difference between this one and the 8×25? I want to be able to see things far away like down the street or in the park, which one would be best for that.

Ron James says:

Nice, but could you tell us what you see a 25, 50 or 100 yards. Can use see a .22 or .223 hole in a paper target at these distances? I’m would like to use it for sighting in a rifle and would like to know this before I buy one. Thanks.

Randy Huffman says:

Ok thanks for the reply.

estario says:

Jason Bourne brought me here

Ruckus Piper says:

39 bucks at academy sports

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