The Zeiss Conquest MiniQuick Monocular

Compact, go-anywhere 5×10 MiniQuick model is no larger or heavier than a fountain pen, and includes handy pocket clip

Patented T* anti-reflective multi-coating and non-slip housing

5X magnification, ten-millimeter objective diameter, two-millimeter exit pupil, and 16.5-millimeter eye relief; weather-proof housing sealed against water spray; 4.5 inches long; lightweight 0.8-ounce weight

Carl Zeiss products include warranties of lifetime on optical components; five years on electronic components; two years on camera components; and one year on carrying straps, lens caps, and similar accessories


Patric J says:

Thanks for the video. I have considered to get this monocular since long time and recently I bought one. Small and lightweight, like a pen with clip. Sharp optics but the contrast is pretty poor. Also the body construction could be better: plastic and pretty slippery. For the price you could expect a more solid and robust construction so I consider Miniquick to be overpriced.
Still, it’s very useful and I don’t regret I got it because I use it almost every day. And that’s what matters.

Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival says:

Thanks for showing, take care Taro

schmoke420 says:

nice piece dude…

Ярослав Обухов says:

Вот отличный монокуляр

Nicholas Rusanoff says:

you need to explain “high quality” it does not mean “won’t get head ache” also “probably hook it up” is a useless opinion. please do a better job. I am relying on your expertise when shopping. thank you

Davidmd996 says:

Is this the monocular used in the BOURNE ULTIMATUM?

Nguyễn Duy says:

carl zeiss is the best

CSharp says:

Love how small it is, but the field of view must be pretty narrow, no? I start to feel a bit claustrophobic looking through 10×25 binoculars and am still getting used to the 7×18 monocular I just got yesterday.

james palmer says:

Zeiss didnt make it, a cheap company in taiwan did then stuck counterfit stickers on it

Quân Nguyễn Vũ Bảo says:

look just like a whiteboard marker gotta love it about sized and looks
the price is supprisiingly amazing expensive but love the comparison with brunton echo

Landrew0 says:

Most over-priced piece of junk I’ve ever owned. I realized I’d been duped when I used it and realized that it rendered no more detail than the naked eye. 5X larger image, yes, but 5X less clarity.

Rick Rude says:

The “exit pupil” for that 5×10 monocular is only 2mm. With only a 10mm lens it must not preform well in low light conditions despite its high quality optics and coatings.

Miguel Carrasco, Jr says:

I love how compact that thing is. 

james palmer says:

Lmao wiskeyfox smdh

Lewis Swindell says:

Nice review. I am a retired Paratrooper and love my binoculars, monoculars, flashlights, etc. I live on the Pamlico River in NC and have a pier that is a about 300 meters from my house. I leave this by the riverside door and also take it with me while boating. I also keep a Fujinon 7×50 meibo set of binoculars for edc on the water. The optics on the Fujinon are amazing so I didn’t expect to like this monocular. I have, however, been pleasantly surprised at how much I like them. I also hike and kayak a lot. The Zeiss Monocular is now my edc for kayaking and hiking, and I use them on the boat more than I thought I would. In full daylight the optics are superb for the size/weight. Not good in low light situations though. For hiking and kayaking the lightweight monocular is outstanding. If you have no issues with weight or size go with a set of Fujinons or something similar. The Zeiss is priced on the high side but for what I use them for I love It! I’ve used them for a number of years with no problems.

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