Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 monocular review (part. 2)

Part. 2 of my 2 part review of the Sightmark Ghost Hunter night vision monocular.

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Kevin Frigo says:

Would you be able to tell more about how you switched the plates? having a little trouble

Redneck Oper8tor says:

Great review! Best I’ve found online so far. Could you do a video demonstration how you switched the mounting plate from one side to the other? Would be very helpful! Thanks!

Michael Negron says:

Good review on the monocular, as for the fogging issue get a military grade anti fog solution and use it before use of the monocular so it does not fog! Happy Holidays!

Bjørn Ivar Bernhardsen says:

I notice your eye cup looks different from mine,
looking through my ghost hunter 1×24 by swiss arms, is like looking through a straw, especially with eye-protection underneath.
How’d you solve this?
I managed to take the whole lens off, revealing the phosphorus screen, and it looks as though one could make a new lens from just a magnifying glass.
How doable do you think that might be?

RenovatioJuris says:

Hi great vid. Can I ask do you find the Rhino mount stable. I’m about to buy the 1×24 Ghost Hunter and need to get a mount and arm for my Mich but I’ve heard people say the original Norotos Rhino has significant wobble. Cheers.

SoCal-Milsim says:

UPDATE : I contacted Sightmark about replacing the 2x magnification lens and they were really helpful. They are sending me a new 1x lens for free and I will post an update on how it works with the new lens.

Musse H says:

SoCal-Milsim great review, but i have a question about the 2x lens, is
it magnifying the 2x all the time or can you dial it from 1x to 2x, i
was asking because i saw the 2 dail rings ,one for the eye, that you
taped and the other ring for clafifying the image or setting the
magnifying rate? since i don´t know i thougt i should ask because you said you where going to try to get the 1×24 lens insted.

Kannon Prior says:

lmfao this is the gayest shit I’ve ever seen you faggot airsoft players are the definition of trying to be “tactical”

Guns and Gear Network says:

Nice review!! You will like the 1x much better. Just an FYI you need to keep the factory lens cover with the peep hole on your unit when you are exposing it to light. If not it will degrade the tubes and cause damage. Get yourself a IR light you can mount to your helmet, you will like it much better.

HHH GGG says:

what type of mount are u using for the night vision?

Honey Badger says:

How did you move the plates?

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