Panda 40×60 HD BAK4 Monocular Unbox and Review

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Compact and lightweight, great portability.
With dioptric adjustment button, suits for people varied in eyesight.
Anti-slip focus adjusting rotary knob, smooth rotating and easy operation.
Totally optic green coating film, with strong light transmission, clear imaging.
With hanging string, prevent telescope slipping from your hand.
20G strong impact resistance, metal alloy lens, shockproof.


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Switch_Boi_251 says:

I ordered this my question too have you tried zooming in and recording video

erimzon molines says:

nice and fast repair.

LoGiudice Claudio says:



A very nice detailed video. I like the way you demonstrated the Standard vs. Scope vs. Scope + 10x Phone pics.

joel david almeida giraldo says:


Ranko Pavkic says:

Thank you for the great review. Helped me a lot!

Baptiste Tessier says:

I can the girls pubic hairs 5 houses from where I live.

Polyxeni Albanidou says:

i found this on and bought it on sale .. not a bad product

TimTeller says:

I think he said it cost 8 pounds , what do you expect , the Hubble Telescope .

Joe Park says:

compre uno en amazon y no hace eso el mismo producto, es una estafa

doradocx cx says:


Alexavier Alvarez says:


Alberto Mateos says:

how I will get this in India

nell1385 says:

It’s all well and good your phone is at 10x, but, what was the zoom on the scope? Was the scope at 40x and your phone then took that 10x further? I would have preferred you to zoom in and out with the scope, not your phone!!

Carlos Martin Manonelles says:


Asesor Diego Ramirez says:

I got one as well and I think 8x is more likely the real range

Agamer1211 says:

Where is my kar98 after getting a scope

WCPE TheClassicalStation says:

It seems more like the phone is attached to telescope than opposite 🙂

Никита Будиль says:

Simply great!

Zheka 90 says:

Now i watch for telescope, to see moon and stars!

Only Roy says:

Wow nice

ibrahim sarımen says:

does someone overhere knows which Monocular should i buy?? what the 16X52 or 40X60 means?

Avante Palmeiras says:

Next time add 10x Phone zoom to comparison: Standard(1x), Phone(10x), Scope(40x), Scope(40x) + Phone(10x) = 400x zoom

Abdullah Ciftci says:

Thank you for the review. I’m hoping it actually gets delivered

Федор Конторов says:

Very nice quality monocular! Thanks for upload!

ertan duygulu says:

Dude spend a few bucks and get a new screen protector.

Berkant İlker ANDİÇ says:

20×50 panda binoculars are shit from china.Not sharp with double vision.waist of bloody money.

Amiel Lenon says:

The moon moves in full zoom fast. That’s all. Good job

عالم الكتب says:


harun tanrıkulu says:

The price of this lens is how many Bangladeshi?

Idalberto Salazar Gomez says:

Would u like to sale it out

Estiven says:

I’m more concern of the crack on your phone tho…. wonder how many times its drop before you could make it stand….

Vanesa Roldan says:


امبارك عباسي says:

How does it perform for amateur astronomical use?

smahk says:

plastic lens is not good

ณัฐพงศ์ ภิรมย์ไกรภักดิ์ says:

i got 50×52 mofos!

Xxclem62Xx says:

Вот отличный, недорогой монокуляр Panda 35X95 увеличение DY006, 100% оптическое стекло BAK4 призма Porro+ бесплатная доставка

ExpertTuna says:

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