Panda 35×50 Monocular

Panda 35×50 Monocular: Click the link to check out this awesome low cost monocular.

This video I am going over the Panda 35×50 mm monocular. I also demonstrate using it on your smartphone. I was very happy with the fit and finish of this product. I found it to be a fantastic addition to my outdoor gear.
Also check out the JINJULI 35X50 Monocular. It is also a low cost monocular for those on a tight budget.


ChocoMarisa says:

only for smartphone? or you can use it like binoculars??

2953 1640 says:

for $7 to $14 in ebay, not bad for the (price). but what I dont get is that some sellers
are saying some of these are thermal as to see in complete darkness, is
this true? I cant find a video showing this feature or a night review of
the thermal feature. Could be newer model? Can you do one real review on the thermal maybe with a real video shot of it even if it’s not thermal? even if phone degrades the vid a little, just want to have an idea of night view, I mean night time view, city night view, outdoor night view, total darkness night view lol, your choice. thanks

Team Shmo says:

If you use a cellphone you should zoom in on the phone to roughly 2x. This will make the image techinally less sharp, but will eliminate most the the black circle effect and zoom the image in clearer. A lot easier to get a better image by doing this and with high powered cellphone cameras you won’t even notice the tiny bit of zoom.

Chris Singer says:

Could you not use the phone zoom to get past having the circle view so prominent in the picture ?

dinogrinder says:

could i use this with eyeglasses?


No need to explain sooo much common sense bushmen lol give your viewers some credit … just get to it !!! 😉

Darignobullseye says:

Great video. If someone wants a telescopic perfect picture, they can use a camera with a telescopic lens. This monocular with attachment to phone, is great to view or take a picture of something far away. Two purposes for a device is great. Monocular and a lens for cell phone camera. Thanks.

JW's BulletsNBlades says:


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