Monocular Big VS Little Review

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luigi bettelli says:

I know it’s an old video, but which one of the two monocular would you recommend?
The small one seems to have best magnification, but I don’t thing it’s so usable at 55, so which one do you thing is more powerful (I’m looking for a high zoom)?
If you recommend the biggest one (16×52) can you please give me the link (I’ve read it’s unbranded)?

RadicalRC says:

Been wanting to get something to see a distance.  I think you’ve convinced me the monocular is the way to go.  Liked and thank you.

Bob 357 says:

I have a small one like the one you show in my vehicle as well that I got at Academy Sports.. Will have to check into the Amazon one too. Looks like a good deal.

T.W. Milburn says:

‘mornin 2 ya Mr.&Mrs.Bill; couldn’t agree with U more on a Monocular.U’r right on the slow shipping time.But worth the wait 4 sure.Thanks 4 sharing with us here,Friends
Nice being able 2 wiggle the branches from a distance. Stay Safe & Well there.
Happy Trails From The Maritimes In Canada                                          ATB  Terry
”  GOD  BLESS  “

whankerNJ says:

I have been interested in these lately, don’t care much for binocs. Thanks for the insight.

LEOno says:

another great informational video! Thanks for makin it! I like the idea of a monocular because of the convenient size, I have binoculars but they are bulky.

Rio Jazuki says:

I own several and use them on a daily basis. Great video. Nice looking tomatoes. We had a great season here in Tennessee and will be making sauce from them.

Kelly Wilcox says:

I am here to say the monocular you gave me has been one of the greatest gifts ever, especially when i go out to the lake. I get to see deer, birds, and other critters that would normally be hidden. Thank you

Hugh Janus says:

As always, great video, great advice. I look forward to your videos. Thanks 

Joe Serrano says:

COOL, never knew monoculars existed, only the binoculars, this is very interesting, thanx for the info’ Mr. Bill, i will check out amazon for the monocular, thumbs up and Kathy knows best to be self sufficient instead of relying on Obummer,…er..i mean Obama’s government handouts! 

slobomotion says:

Uprated, shared.  After years of service, I dropped and broke my binoculars off a high place.  Had them in a bag I was shaking out, dumb thing.  Can’t buy from Amazon, as they sell two editions of a book I was never paid for by either publisher, and refuse to answer my polite, concise registered mail asking them to quit.  That is horrible.  Thanks for this.  I save your clips for after my chores are done.  A treat.  🙂

Mickey Smith says:

Thanks MR Bill, been the coolest July I can remember & it rained on the 1st, then we has over 15 more days of rain. Nights were in the low 50’s, now in Aug it back to the 90’s & 60’s at night.
You take care.

RadicalRC says:

Ordered the 16×52.  I’ll be “watching” the mailbox “closely”.

Arild Fredheim says:

I like the video’s start where you make very good reasons why monoculars can be better. Thumbs up for that alone. And then suddenly there are all these awesome reasons for owning a monocular. The second one you talked about looks a lot like the one I would like to get, which is a 10-25×42.

Dave Allen says:

mr bill I work on a big airport and ive been wanting to get one of them small guys like you have

cwb0051 says:

Thanks for the tip Mr. Bill,,

ky redneck says:

5/5 mr bill always good to see ya…

Sablecat22 says:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom. It is always honest and practical. ~Peace~

freebird1ification says:

nice donzi -do me a favor and comment back to me i dont think im getting my responses

ננסי טראוטמן says:

Just purchased one. When the Day After comes, a large part of the reason I will be prepared will be because of your tips and advise. Thank you!

Circuit-Breaker Mi says:

Could you tell me the Brand & Name & number on the nice bigger monocular, I’d like to look one up like that. Good tips.

marthale7 says:

Thanks for this tip!    A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Prov 22:3

KamiSapmelash says:

I have been trying to convince people for years of the advantages of monoculars, good to see other people thinking along the same lines.

Vapers Win says:

Just watch out when you shop at Amazon. They almost got me for $100 for a prime account that I never asked for. I had no confirmation they took the money out of my paypal account or anything. I just happen to notice it and filed a dispute. Then I had to get a new paypal debit card and it took a week to get here. Pay close attention at check out….

Norm Cash says:

hi , norm here , new subscriber . love your videos

Fred Double You says:

Never would of thought of that, thank you, I hope weather has been getting better?

Jack Bradley says:

Will buy a monocular soon, thanks for the advice!

mk74tom says:

stop pulling our leg Mr. Bill you know darn good and well their are no big cats up their. I mean if a G man who never been out side a major city who thinks their is no need to kill animals for food because you can buy meat at the grocery store. says their are no mountain lions their it has to be true. Even though you and many others may have scene it with your own eyes.

Outback-Vinyl says:

As alway great info, love what you do keep it up and take care.
Regards Steve

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