Leupold LTO Tracker – Finally, Affordable Thermal Imaging! ~ Rex Reviews

At last, the average Joe can afford good quality thermal imaging! Rex looks at the new Leupold LTO-Tracker. This is designed for hunters trying to easily recover game and have more success tracking in the field, but it’s true plethora of uses is endless. This compact thermal imager is only 5.6 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces, allowing it to be carried comfortably in any pocket.

– 21 Degree Field of View
– Electronic Reticle
– Thermal Sensor: 206 x 156
– Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F
– Temperature Detection Range: -40F to 572F
– Fixed Focus With 6X Digital Zoom
– Display: Direct View 1.22 Round
– Display Resolution: 240 x 204 px
– Startup Time: less than 3 seconds
– Detection Distance: 600 Yards
– Battery: CR123,10 Hours Continuous Use

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Leupold LTO Thermal Imaging Monocular: http://bit.ly/2ks967z
Leupold at OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2k8Sxlc
Leupold: http://bit.ly/2kxP5PN
OpticsPlanet: http://bit.ly/2bcrssM

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bee free says:

will it work with a scope will it still capture the light source

James Wright says:

damn, thats awesome, but still expensive.

Bill Hesse says:

5:20 someone was making biscuits!

R Rem says:

“You’re sticking your hand in that LAVA!!!!”
I was saying just that when you said it.
I would totally geek out with that thing for hours.
As men, we must increasing our senses and information gathering apparatus’ of the world around us!!!

YouTube Troll says:

I taut I taw a puddy tat.

Ufo Sydney says:


KevinSandy2 says:

Thank you.

Boris Chang says:


Thor Gustafson says:

a couple of selenium lenses and you could do some meaningful magnification, yes?

Aiaiaii z says:

Tehnicaly resolution is no problem to be solved. But it has something to do with thermal reading power. Nice review.. nice talks. Tnx.

Ticky Tocky says:

Collector item? Hilarious.

Nicholas CeeA says:

Woah…don’t mess with the wifey. She can spray fire out of her hands like a super hero!

bcbloc02 says:

Awesome stuff, thanks for the heads up on the product!

Jim Meier says:

Do you know if this can be mated to a scope or camera?

ambramilty says:

Have you used the torrey pines logic thermal imaging system, if so would you recommend it?

GreyRaven says:

Thanks for the review Rex, I was curious about the battery life. I have not had good luck with the 123 batteries in the past. I had an eotech that ate them for breakfast.

dplusavg says:

Yo Rex, can you tell me what type of frame that is at the very end of the video. Its the FDE colored one that the lady is prone next to… Thanks and thx for the vids!

Phillip Aung says:

How does this one fair against Flir Scout TK?
Prices are not too far off, thinking about getting one.

goombakiwi says:

Wow. ‘member (“yeah I ‘member” :-P) when laser pointers where a couple hundred $$$. Now we can pick them up for a few bucks and tease the cat. Can’t wait for this technology to do similar.

YZFoFittie says:

You know you live balls deep in the COLD when you need heated ceramic tiles! YIKES!

monty1300 says:

Want thermal scope so bad

Rip Rail says:

So basically you can tell if your wife is doing the dishes without turning the lights on. Also pointless to have 6x magnification when it’s so distorted you can’t see. And the “real” effective range is 100 yards not 600 like they claim.

clendennan says:

I just bought one of these about three weeks ago and everything you say is pretty much on the money . I think the crosshairs feature is a sign of what’s to come in the future from Leupold. It’s a great price. To get somebody interested and want to play with one of these and see the capability you’d save your pennies to get one

MrXHammerx says:

wow kettles are hard to find with the light on 1ft away great test

rdsii64 says:

This proves it can be done. Now I want a thermal rifle scope for hunting coyotes at night with a price tag a work’n man can afford.

Crashmaster Mike says:

WAIT, since it has a reticle, does that mean it can be used as a gunsight?

James One says:

It’s a lot more than $64.05 It’s around $700.00 Unless you meant that was the amount off.

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