LEUPOLD LTO Thermal Tracker Monocular Full Review

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EastTexasOutLaws says:

Awesome review Mr. Robertson

john hatcliffe says:

Best one yet review

John Denham says:

the crosshairs are for pinpointing something that you are showing a friend through the device so they can see exactly where you’re looking

Matt Childers says:

Excellent Review Jason.

Kevin Kipp says:

I am disappointed in mine.

G 55 says:

Thanks for your review it is one of the most accurate reviews on the net, I bought the LTO a couple of months back and people need to realize that most Thermal gadgets are not like the thermal Cameras that you see the police or the military using so although you get a good picture close up at longer distances what you get is a heat source not a photograph or a picture like in an NV Scope, Yes it will Zap cars and Trucks at 600 yards no matter if they are driving towards or away from you,  The LTO is a great Gizmo but remember it sees Heat Sources Not ID people or Animals at long Range. The clue is in the Name Tracker So if you are within close distance to your prey then it will see them and ID them, The LTO Tracker should be used as a Aid to searching not as a primal Spotting Scope, The LTO makes more sense than more expensive versions because you are not tying up 3-4-5k in something with limited uses So based on that The LTO is a perfect addition to any ones Kit. good luck and enjoy.

Randy Higgins says:

Great review! you are so right. Any secondary video or picture does no justice to the LTO and how clear and sharp it truly is. Well done!!

ChesterCopperpot225 says:

Great review. I’ve been trying to decide between this and the flir tk scout. Leaning towards this one, but worried about the screen lighting up my face in the stand at night. Any thoughts on this being an issue and on this item as compared to the flir tk scout? Thanks.

David Vazquez says:

You could put a 30mm adjustable laser mount that is adjustable in windage and elevation for $50 and use the cross hairs that it has like a thermal scope.

Joel Powell says:

Some of the best customer service and product knowledge in the State of Texas. Keep the reviews coming Jason!

GulfCoastToad says:

Crushed it! Thanks for the in-depth review.

Capt. Bob Roemer says:

Sounds like the waiting thirty minutes for your game to die might be a problem if you want to track by blood. Most likely the same would apply for looking for hot tracks, would be very helpful in finding which way it ran. Looks like I’ll be contacting you for a unit soon. Very helpful and maybe above all, honest overview. Would have been nice to see you actually use it in the field both day and night. Thanks again.

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