How To Use A Monocular

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romansten9 says:

good video of using a minocular.

however, the video was really about using optics in general. the title specifically said MONOCULAR. So the title is leading people to believe this is specific information, when its not

Niyog Ray says:

Just say how to ‘use’ a monocular, not what for!

K LE says:

Squinting and looking with one ey puts a strain on my face.

Johnny Brooks says:

he he he he

OmegaGear says:

Than you! Share them if you so choose, we appreciate it!

Julian Rocha says:

That helped me

Macedingle says:


ConnyArt says:

Love these videos!

boni23 says:

This video should’ve been titled “What to use a binocular for”

Brian Hall says:

You might not see me on or off the trail because I’m a Nature Reliance School Scout student.:)

LeckMeineEier says:

Wow I never knew you could look at the top of a tree or animals at a distance, thanks Mr. Genius.

OmegaGear says:

LOL…love it brother!!! – Craig

Marktuyet says:

Thanks ,glad I found your video. I am now blind in one eye and think I’ll buy one for my upcoming vacation and will take it with me while walking in the local parks ..perfect !

Sam G says:

I find the best use of my monocular its allows me to hold and view discreetly, and watch fine lady that walks across the street , a crowded downtown street

Google User says:

I use mine for spying on my hot neighbor

Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:

Thank you Sir!

Craig Caudill says:

Your welcome Mr. McDouchebag!

OmegaGear says:

I am happy it did, thanks for saying so..- Craig

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