Flir TK Scout Thermal Monocular Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Flir TK Scout Thermal Monocular Review. Priced at $599.00 on Optics Planet plus a 5% Sootch00 discount, this is the most affordable Thermal Imaging system for Security and hard outdoor use.

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FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular:
FLIR at OpticsPlanet:

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PistolManiac100 says:

Pretty advanced, maybe too advanced. May spoil somebody.

Bill Felkey says:

I just discovered another potential self defense use I have not seen posted. If you have a pocket carry handgun and a FLIR Scout TK lanyard around your neck you can set up in the darkness with your back against solid cover and as you are looking for the assailant to approach your position, your handgun will retain your body heat so that you can do a decent job of sighting down the top of the weapon to aim center mass because it will nearly be the same heat signature of your hand in the viewer. What do you think? Can you consider doing a demo of this?

beaver wood wood works says:

the new cat phone s60 has thermal imaging is their a way to hook it up to a scope that works?

Joshua David Sings says:

Hey Sootch, thanks for all of the great vids! Can you do another video showing the long range capabilities of it? Maybe try the insta alert on the highest setting and walk out to 100 yards +. Just a quick example of that? Thanks again for all the great reviews.

General Disarray says:

Yet another great video. Thanks brother.

Robbie says:

Thanks for the review. I have been saving and this is one of the things I have been saving for.

mattburns545 says:

Sootch’s reviews give you so much insight on these products. Keep these videos coming.

netmatrix75 says:

Now everyone can be a Predator.

MustangNthusiest says:

How well does it work viewing the night sky to detect UFOs, Yes I am being serious, lots of Unidentified objects can’t be seen with human eye but with these type of cameras can.

Joshua David Sings says:

Thanks for the great video! Could you do a quick little long range review on this unit? I’d love to see what you looked like at 100 yards, at the highest color setting, in all of the different color pallettes. Something to show the effective range of the TK Scout, and what you can expect a person to look like at thise longer ranges.

gameofdeath69 says:

This review was amazing. Thanks 🙂

TheOtherEddie says:

You can also use these to check for loose electrical connections, bad contactors in your household electrical panel, and to determine where your house is losing heat in the winter time. Lots of practical uses. Great vid. John

leaveamessage9111 leaveamessage9111 says:

I highly doubt you were standing at 100 yards. this review should have focused on how far this unit can detect identifiable heat signatures, This review didn’t do anything for me than what the specs already say

Living__in__Oblivion says:

Neil Carpenter, you could glue a rail on this and use with a helmet but not a rifle.

Isyour6covered® says:

I almost bought one of these. On the list of must haves.

LincolnSP150 says:

How long does it take to show image after it is turned on?

Joey S says:

Very cool, excellent review.

James Jones says:

Great vid as always! Thanks for sharing!

Candi Soda says:

Should of tested it in a pool 🙂

shlomi 000000 says:

What the difference between the green one and the bron camera scout?

hggh White says:

would this be a good starter thermal device for a 17 year old (me) I want to see if I would even like thermal

Mary Malone says:

I already own armasight rifle scope but I just might be in the market for another I might go with flir rifle scope there much cheaper

john howze says:

i want one

yogi511268 says:

Get one of the new Leupold LTO Trackers!! I really want to see what they can do!

Sovereign of Sabers says:

Wonderful review! This was very informative. Looks like I will be purchasing this after all.

Briddy Hll says:

They will not sell many at £2500.00 each. yes I would like one as a gamekeeper but at that price no way. £200.00 would be more like it. Just saying.

Vic Vega says:

Does your battery stay running even when it’s off ? I’ve noticed recently that mine does

Juan Diego Gonzalez says:

Excellent review..

Jason Stroppa says:

Just wish it didn’t look like a butt plug. Haha

Briddy Hll says:

sorry £2.500.00 I meant.

Sand Man says:

Sootch, when you said you were about 75-80 yards out I counted 20 steps and you were at the camera. I don’t think you ever did get a shot out to 50+ yards. I’ve really been waiting for someone to post a video about this before I ordered it. I ordered today but I am still very concerned about picking up targets out to 100 yards. If you still have this maybe laser range 100 yards and reshoot? If. If I will post a video when I get mine in. Thanks. Keep up the good work. I’m a big fan!!

Joel Raffensberger says:

Thanks for the great review.
Can you do one on day/night scopes ??
It’s been a challange to find a good one under $600.00.
Thanks again.

maetzler1111 says:

If it lays around for about 3 weeks the battery is empty. version 1.0.0.
Other than that, cool device.
Thanks for the good review as always.

resourcefulgirl says:

Nice review, greatly appreciated. I’m seriously considering.

thesheepman220 says:

A great and honest review thanks again,I have to get one of these now

Cameron Allen says:

Really making me have second thoughts about getting another silencer after this! Seeing your dogs at night is a great idea. One of my jack Russells likes to run off a little too far sometimes when I let him out to pee at night

sgthl says:

I have to say i´m a little disppointed with the low resolution sensor FLIR chose to use in that one.

With the Seek Thermal Pro using a 320 x 240 pixel sensor Seek really has a much better sensor for the same price. Even the older one from Seek has a 206×156 sensor. Those are for phones but SEEK also has the REVEAL- series which are handheld (no phone) devices that come with a bonus of a built in 300 lumen flashlight.

We all know that FLIR has much better sensors in their more expensive products but to get to those you have to pay insane amounts of money (the handheld Seek Reveal Pro will be 699$ and is coming soon).

Flir really dropped the ball here, even their Scout II still just has a 240×180 sensor, for almost 2000 dollars.

I think FLIR are having trouble realising their time as king of thermal-land is over, atleast on the consumer market.

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