Enkeeo compact monocular



Scots Wildcamper says:

I got one to look at as well ( they ask only the best lol ). I took it to the Cairngorms and a couple of the guys liked it , yeah its a clean optic.You place it a different distance to your eye/eyes than binoculars i found.

Don Milligan says:

Thanks Alan. Norm7634 comments are pretty informative.

campbellc0321 says:

Anyone have a weight on it?

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Regular price $49.99… Amazon on sale $24.99

Norm7634 says:

Nice monocular, Alan. Appears to be very functional. As an amateur astronomer the keywords in the description at the end were “fully multi-coated “. These are anti reflection coatings that increase the light transmission quality of glass to 98% or better. Very important for refractive optics. Multi-coated is good, fully multi-coated is better. This means that every surface is coated not just those exposed to the air. If you don’t have one, get yourself a good camelhair brush for cleaning. Cosmetics brushes work well. Use cleaning fluids and tissue designed specifically for optic only. Even the softest Kleenex has microscopic wood chip and dirt that can scatch. Always brush first and sweep or wipe from the center out in a radial fashion. A good home made cleaning solution is a 10 to 1 mixture of distilled water and alcohol with a drop or two of dish detergent per quart of solution. Don’t forget to try the mono out on the night sky. The bright star coming up in the east right now about 11 pm is Jupiter, you should be able to see 4 moons circleing if you’re on your back and not in a tent.


I have the exact same tripod, except mine came with a remote control group photo selfie photo plug in device for my phone’s camera. the tripod broke after a month though. it was only cheap. the monocular looks cool, and lightweight I bet. how much do they retail at and do they sell them solely in the US?

Sven3xs says:

Hmm..$25. Wise choice by this company to send you that, because they just sold one for sure. I would also be interested in one a little stronger for a little more if they happen to be watchin’ … and while we’re at it, thermo/night vision type stuff is hard to find for cheap as well 😉
Definitely grabbin’ one for $25 though.
Thanks Alan, Shalom!

campbellc0321 says:


Broseph Russell says:

That is bad ass

Cragdwella says:

That’s funny , I was just looking at binoculars for my trips ! Now you have me thinking that a monocular would be a better idea ! Peace

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