Bushnel Monocular “Night Vision” Scope Unboxing and Review

Very Diappointed with this one. I may be the reason that all of the new listings now have the “night vision” tag removed from them. At least that’s what i believe anyhow because it’s a gross misrepresentaton of this product. My review is hyper critical but for good reason. #wish.com


Johnny Bridgers says:

I agree, I got the same thing and it was not night vision as advertised. it worked fine during the day but I ordered night vision from lightinthebox. they will never get anymore of my business.

Steven Booth says:

For heaven’s sake these things are crap and you should have realised that for the money. The whole thing is just wrong. The 16×52 is rubbish they are, at best, 7×40 and awful lenses at that with colour abberation and shocking edge distortion.

Lucy Lue & Harry Sherriff Films says:

Good day James. Yeah looks pretty cheap alright you do get what you pay for and sometimes even worse these days.
Have a great day our friend.
Lucy and Harry

PJ Morrissey says:

Friend, do us a favor and please use a stand for your camera so that you can use two hands on the product.  Thanks for the review.

paradoxdesigns says:

holy vape setup man. VIP all the way! looks like you got your $14 worth. but oh well. money well spent?

Dennis Davis says:

Put your dam camera down and unbox it. You make me hurt trying to review something with one hand. This is stupid..

999thenewman says:

Liked 🙂

Michael Carter says:

You should invest in a tripod

Graham Hardacre says:

Why doesn’t DaddytechEnt get a tripod for his camera then I don’t have to waste my time watching him open a box with one hand.

Whiskeysuds Jackwagon says:

you always review products before you even try them?

vosoda1 says:

Review? you need to at least try it before you can do a review

zx8401ztv says:

Yep, i allways think of nightvision devices having an active powered processing.
Sounds like a rip off to me.
Try it at night, i would be supprised if you see anything.

Billy Burd says:

Dude, you are an idiot.

Jerome Parkin says:

You Have to buy IR torch separate !!!

Ryan says:

dont hate the guy, he stopped me from buying a misleading product, and if you don’t like the video that no one is forcing you to watch it anyway???

Chris Johnson says:

It was $14 fucking dollars! Wtf did you expect?

dpashal says:

thats what happens when you buy cheap chineese “immitations”. 14$ for bussnell !! SERIOUSLY ???

Paul Quiroz says:

I suggest you to get a tripod for your self taping videos. Disturbing watching the camera going everywhere, while you are trying to handle everything else with one hand.

ricky larrobsky says:

Its fake! I bough it and it doesn’t work!

Xziznoel says:

did you expect to get nightvision for 15$ haha

adam woytalewiCZ says:

Not nightvision? Well don’t say night vision in the description regardless of what the package says…click bait…FAIL!

De Veelvraat says:

You just can’t trust the critters. They seem to be colorblind as well.

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