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We get asked all the time “what is the best night vision device?” Or “what is the best night vision monocular?” Well, Karl is going to break it down for you.

Karl is an “Ambassador” for FLIR. So, any of you that are interested in getting a good deal on FLIR or Armasight by FLIR products; please reach out to us at Tactical
Here, at Tactical Rifleman, we are all about showing you how the military “Shoots, Moves, and Communicates.” A big part of shooting and moving in the dark is being able to see. As most of our combat ops are done at night, it only makes sense for us to practice at night, using the best NVDs that the taxpayers can buy.
That said, whether you are military, law enforcement, or civilian; there are certains guidelines that apply.
Match the optic to the mission
Thermals are NOT always better than standard IR
Always get the BEST tube you or your unit can afford
Batteries, batteries, batteries
On this flavor, we are going to continue our series of videos about different night vision gear, including GEN-III & Thermal, and both helmet & weapon mounted versions.
This second video is about the single-tube MNVD that I keep in my Go bag. It’s a sweet little monocular, like the old PVS-14s, but much better. Yes, Bino or Quad NVDs do allow wider field of views. However, I prefer to keep a little GEN-III monocular with me at all times.
It takes up very little space (same size as a flashlight)
I can use it handheld
I can mount it on a helmet or head harness
It eats less batteries than multi-tube NVDs
It can see through glass windows and windshields (thermals can’t)
It only covers one eye, allowing the other eye to respond naturally to surrounding light
It’s this last note that many people overlook. Say you are running bino NVDs inside a house, and the bad guy flips on the lights… you now have to quickly flip up your NODs. Say you’re driving blacked out wearing bino NVDs and you turn a corner onto a street with a street light or neon sign. This causes your NVDs to bloom, and you can’t see shit till you get by the light source. Running a single-tube monocular allows you to use your “free” eye to still see during such occasions. Now, I’m not saying this pro outweighs the con of limited field of view, but it should still be considered.

Before you ask… Let’s play “I Spy” and I’ll answer a few questions that I know my TR family is going to ask:
Yes, we filmed the “indoor” portion of this video in my “Man Room.”
Yes, we did go driving wearing these MNVDs. Blacking out a vehicle is easy but takes time.
Headlights: just turn them OFF, so, they are available if needed
The Dimmer switch for dash lights does dim enough
Black out the dash with custom-cut cardboard or tape
Pull fuses/bulbs or tape over tail & brake lights
If you are going to be doing this often; add a kill switch
Don’t forget the license plate light
We wear running around 30 MPH off-road, and got up to around 65 mph on-road. That completely scares the shit out of any passengers not wearing NVDs. Adding IR Spotlights allows you to drive around 10 MPH faster, but enemy with NVDs will pick you up miles out.
Some of you have asked about the military Challenge Coins that are on display on top of the chair rail. They go all the way around the room, and each of them has a story behind it. I’m gonna share a lot of these stories with some of our supporters, on Patreon, but I just don’t have the time here to do it.
The Livefire scenes; I’m shooting with a FLIR TMAIM (IR & Visible Lasers, and IR Floodlight) Sorry, but I believe it is not currently available to the general public. However, there are similar IR products out there on the market. IR Illuminators are a good tool to have in your tactical tool box.
OK, now here’s a question for you… Back in the “Man Room”… What is the top left picture, hanging on the wall? Your left, and framed. If you know what it is, for sure, let our other viewers know in detail, as they are hard to find but a great piece of our military history. Leave your guesses in the comment section below. You know I read all your comments.
If any of you are interested in taking a training course with any of the Tactical Rifleman team; please reach out to us at, where you can find course listings and other great content.
Till next time; thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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Ramon Velez says:

You are one of the best out there

J Striker says:

Why did it take so long to find this channel? On my 3rd video now…best info on Youtube!

Martin Flaskamp says:

Rechargebla CR 123 :
Olight 16340 RCR123A 550mAh
They use it in their flashlight, Olight S1R.

macharadza1983 says:

I have MNVD 40 HD.Its amazing,but if I would like to upgrade by swapping only tube, would that be possible?
What type of gen 3 tube I could use with MNVD 40?
Sorry if my questions are dumb,but I’m just starting with NVGs.

Chris M says:

Whats better the mono or bino NVGs?

D D says:

Karl, I am unable to email your website for a question regarding this item.Your “contact” info does not populate. It reads URL error or page has moved. Can you advise an email for a Q. Thanks

CIA says:

I live in California

John Marsh says:

Cr123s from China bag of cr123s for 20 bucks. has tons of cheap gun parts.

masgrey says:

@TacticalRifleman @Jason etc if you guys see this

Will your Thermal Flir Breach and other Monocular take the shock of M4 M14 etc full-auto 7.62x51mm and 5.56x45mm or are they semi only?

What is the rating on these units, how high can we go in caliber and FA/SA?

Assuming we can’t go higher up in caliber to mount mount these on grampas MG34/42 etc

Too bad you didn’t cover this important aspect of the scopes of how much they can take..

If it’s weapon mounted rated it should cover all small arms right? 🙂

2AR Tactical Custom Guns says:

As a retired EOD Tech Team Leader I can tell you disarming IED’s in the Stan at night sucked! I did it through the good ol’ PVS-14’s so as not to turn on white lights! Ever disarm a remote IED looking through night vision on some shit stinking dirt road before? You better know where that wires goes to before cutting it or you’re a pink mist in the wind!!…haha! I’m a big fan of good NVG’s!! It’s a great tool to have when your ass is on the line!

Toffyman says:

Why does he have a frame of sadam Hussain on the wall….

ROMEMD says:

Great video as usual

Mosul Medic says:

Can they be bridged?

Scott Krook says:

Karl this is a great channel! Thank you!

CoffeeHolic says:

What’s your professional opinion about STS 21’s? Steiner makes a monocular version that seems tempting.

Hogan62 says:

Hey Carl….Your dog must be wearing some kick ass night vision brother …he was right on your ass..LOL…LOL..I dont think you could lose him if you had to…Great video as always RLTW…..

casper ghost says:

Do they have a set up for people with glasses?

Bobby Adams says:

I want the calendar on the wall

Z Bob says:

$5k ?! Lol that’s a lot of ammo to train with! Badass but not chance of me buying them

Harley Graefing says:

I scrolled down to see comments on the California joke and was not disappointed

Rob .s says:

Only drive on a track or the backroads of Kentucky hell yea brother

J. Ferebee says:

Thank you.

Louis Maritz says:

We would love to buy these things but the prices are just to high for the salaries we get here in South Africa, We need so many for the civil war that is about to break out in South Africa against the ANC and their henchmen the EFF and the BLF.

bluebadger83 says:

Can you guys do a duel tube nod review?

SpartanMonkee says:

What helmet are you mounting it to @ 8:53?

AR15 Zombee says:

I wanted to purchase Pvs14. I need your pro advise please. Which would you get?

1- L3Insight EOTech AN/PVS-14 M914A Night Vision Monocular White Phosphorus


2 -Armasight PVS-14 FLAG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular NAMPVS1401F9DA1

Its really Hairy says:

Can you put my name on the secret list to win some nvgs, that’d be great, thanks.

Survivalist and crossbow man says:

one question What is the best night vision gogles out on market

Hidden Pumpum Village says:

which is the ones the special teams mostly use ??

Survivalist and crossbow man says:

one question What is the best night vision gogles out on market

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