Armasight N-14 Nightvision Monocular Review

Armasight N-14 Gen 3 (U.S.):

Cheaper Gen 2+ version (best deal I can find):

Canadian Gen 2+ N-14 source:

Good entry level Night vision for cheap:

Low Cost Digital Night Vision monocular:

N14 Specs and info:
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Here I review the Armasight N-14 Nightvision Monocular using an imported 3rd generation image intensifier tube. I go over the build quality, features and demonstrate some of my favourite uses for this monocular. See in the dark with wonders of science.
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The Gear I Use:
My main camera(USA):
My main camera(Canada):
My secondary camera(USA):
My secondary camera (Canada):
My main microphone(USA):
My main microphone(Canada):
My lavalier microphone(USA):
My lavalier microphone(Canada):
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My dog’s channel:
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macharadza1983 says:

What type of intensifier tube N14 using???

ookiemand says:

I’ve held a night vision scope to my eye, and when you take it away you’re night blind for a pretty long time. I would much rather use red so when I take it off I can see in the faint night right away.

Toddo Roi says:

Can be had for around 2400 dollars in Australia, cheapest new Gen2 I could find.

Alicia Lehoux says:

what is the life expectancy of the tube? Sounds expensive if the tube only has thousands hours

Michael Frazier says:

Would you rather have this or the seek thermal pro that you reviewed?

John Mullally says:

I have the Flir MNVD 40. I believe it’s made by Armasight.
What size tube goes into yours? As I believe it’s the same size. But not sure.

Andhesaid says:

Another great review. Can I ask what the music was in the seek review?

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