A Tool Every Prepper Needs – Vortex Solo R/T Review

Ranging Tutorial: https://youtu.be/S5AGsHSIsVo

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Kyle Booher says:

Awesome product. I think it would be sweet if primary arms did something like this with a variant of the ACSS reticle.

weedXD38 says:

Good Stuff!!! Very Concise!!!

Rodney Howell says:

Great info,thankyou

Fafhrd Kreig says:

Great review. No batteries needed the same reason I carry a magnetic compass and maps in my bag.

Dr. Stormagedon says:

Yes sir, I’m going to get one

Mr M2HB says:

I have had some of these in a shopping cart several times. It looks handy. I have lots of optics but still want one.

Section 26 says:

Love it! Just ordered one. Smart move with the cheat sheet too.

Zack schmidt says:

My wife bought me this the first year we were dating(3 years ago) knew I had to marry her after that bday!

Евгений Расчётов says:

I used kinda similar stuff, soviet БПЦ 8×30 with rangefinder reticle. Each mark equals 5 units or 18 MOA. D=(L/n)x1000. For example, for 1.80 meter human fitting in 5 units marks distance equals 360 meters. But it’s hard to measure height of target with so rare scaling, escpecially with shaking hands, so Vortex reticle can be more precise and useful.
But it cool stuff for “prepper” man. It’s small, weights nothing, handy and allow to stalking babushkas two blocks away.

Mahakaal says:

Pardon my ignorance but could this product be used to identify targets at long range, if i have no need to determine range?

kchase82nd1 says:

Eventually you’ll run out of rounds too lol

TarzN1121 says:

So what you are saying is that buying this would be a better option than buying condoms in bulk? I’m a little confused, please clarify.

Richard D. Newland says:

Excellent presentation! I’m checking this product out for price and purchase. Medford born, Duck Alum. In exiled to Minnesota. Keep up the good work! Best of Luck Oregear!

tedybear915 083 says:

very thorough video, and useful info. Thank you

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