40X Phone telescope is hard to believe! Sample pictures and footage

This is a smartphone compatible monocular telescope that claims to carry 40X optical zoom. Watch the video to find out it that’s possible. Sample pictures and footage inside.
– Panda 40X Monocular phone lens:http://bit.ly/2tZygkN

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bestamerica says:

it is okay and not very perfect focus…
still bad blur blur when full zoom in

Mendax Venandi says:

Great review, sir. I am not interested in buying a phone scope, but still watched the entire video and commented, so you are obviously very entertaining. 😉

Really liked the solutions you used after the mount broke.

Casa de los Perros Studio says:

I would buy one , but how would I explain the charge to “Banggood” to my wife?

RUS says:

Definitely not 40x zoom.

aspdeepakmusic cp says:

Good review!!

sanjin jakupovic says:

Thats more of a 10x zoom. Also use your phones 2x optic Zoom the get reed of the black circle, i shot some Zoo animals like that.

M G says:

Sound quality of your video is horrible. Maybe you should review your own output before reviewing others.

Colin CK says:

X40 is the size of the end lens – 10 x magnification; lens is 40mm in diameter.

Thore Giannona says:


PafiTheOne says:

Thank you, your video is very helpful!

Steve Mann says:

alternatively you can walk up to the orange box and have a look a tit

Rick Ramo says:

I was a little unclear on the test procedure. I was getting the impression that the zooming was as stated in video from the phone. Is that correct that zooming was the phones internal zoom and not the scopes zoom from the small knob on top? I have seen a couple of similar but not identical monocular scopes of this class. Summer coming on fast, I thought I would see what the YouTube had in the way of torture tests. Thanks for the look at the Panda.

Mihai Lazar says:

you could directly photograph Saturn with that thing

HansensUniverse says:


Mak khan says:

Hello bro, that was a nice video , I wanted to buy good quality telescope At least 40X, I live in Dubai, please suggest me

Skygazer says:

nice video please check the same video with Canon Sx60 hs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrjhi0eRHJg&t=19s

petabyte99 says:


Tiberiusduck says:

You should of spent your money on a new phone.

Rus Lime says:

I use galaxy s4 zoom samsung mobile with the same result.

kanopus06 says:

10x magnification means 10 times closer, not 10 times bigger : you see the image as if it was 1/10 the real distance

gary fletcher says:

I got one it’s no good don’t buy this !
But if you like the money you saved you can send to me.

Ratul Studio says:

Very good review.
Where are you from?

lori thorpe says:

It’s ok , but it’s heavy & bulky , & you can’t get a full screen foto with it , ,& it keeps slipping through the grips .

roondog roondoggie says:

My 40x phone telescope arrived today. (Almost 4 weeks delivery time). I bought it off an ad I saw on FaceBook, and it was $29 plus shipping. $35 total. AND they forgot to pack the tripod. After messing around with this product for about an hour, I have concluded it is a piece of cr*p. Will not work by a handheld method, you must use a tripod. Flimsy, hard to align with the iPhone camera lens, too heavy for practical use, and just plain awkward and awful. Do not buy this product!

Pro1er says:

Very nicely done video.


kurang tajam ya mas ?

Jamie Holladay says:

$15 hey great for novice sight seeing vacation .

The Best Stooge says:

A lot of fringing so pretty crappy optics.

Gareeb Scientist says:

2x optical happens with the other camera lens which is covered
Hence you are digital zooming in this case not optical

yo8aiv says:

spend a little more a buy a proper binnoculars. the optics in a bushnell or any other reputable brand will be unmatched with this. i like bangood but some of the stuff its just not worth the trouble.

Brian Thomas says:

Very good review.

carolcheny says:

sold! i am buying it for target shooting. good enough for 25 yards.

MisterNaive says:

I would want one which captures a clear, shiny moon. 🙂

CaptainJimmyy says:

More like 10X zoom.

south indian says:

Price in Pakistan

phong lê says:

Ban bao nhieu

Wendy Tully says:

just purchased one of these and now know what to expect with vision. Much appreciated for video!

Jay Farress says:

image quality is crappy but it’s only $15. though if you have money go for a SX710 refurb for like ~120 cameraa

balikci035 says:

why the hell he saying 40 X it’s fucking 10 X

Moeed Rana1 says:

I bought him from dazar.pk it has 40x zoom

MacThomáis Media says:

Aaaaaagh! why do you fuck-knuckles keep saying “ex” instead of “times”?…. Not very encouraging when a reviewer doesn’t know what the ‘x’ actually means on a lens


hure your eyes? ha ha

scarlett yu says:


Sat the Pro says:

Great video

Stephen Fabiano says:

The lack of sharpness around the edge is because of quality of lens they used. but the small viewing Circle you see when using the phone is because your eye relief is too far back. when using a phone try lowering the eye relief Just until you’re able to get the biggest circle possible. Too little, however, and you will start to see a vignette, which is make the circle smaller again

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