10×52 Monocular Review

Here’s my first review guys…I give this scope a 3 out of 5 simply because of the boldface lie in the description of the product stating it was 100% waterproof. Here is a link to this product… http://www.amazon.com/Two-tone-Telescope-Monocular-Scalable-Telescopic/dp/B00VFVXYZQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1439139044&sr=8-2&keywords=ZhiZhu+10×52+monocular


elmer sackanay says:

Fugly was first thought second was fugly

Gene soverns says:

so far so good!other than being NOT waterproof it would serve as a good spotting scope great review
love the intro,2 thumbs up

Chubby Pug Films says:

as it isn’t 100% waterproof, will it be ok to use in heavy rain? great review by the way 🙂

Junior Pasache says:

It is waterproof but you didn’t close the lens covers. They’re like a waterproof case.

Running Panda says:

Great Honest Review for a change!

SoulR3ap3r says:

I will never understand some ppl, when they say water proof, it does not mean throw it to the bottom of a lake. The water proof they are talking about is that if it rains out, it will not get inside. If it was totally water proof for your review, it would say how deep it can go down in water before it gets compromised so that’s the term water proof they are talking about. Just like some watches, there are 2 terms for water proof, one means that if someone throws water on you or it rains, it will not effect the item. 2 there are watches out there which are totally water proof and it will state how many meters under water the watch will be safe to operate. I clicked your link and it doesn’t work because i wanted to see for myself the term of water proof they were using. Anyone with a little common sense would know that if you do not see any rubber o-rings or any kind of rubber gasket on the product that states that it is safe to dunk into water, then it is not safe to submerge it.

diensthunds says:

Mono-nocular? Nope. It’s monocular.

SSArt98 says:

Cool review, like the intro and end slate too!

TheBrokenWing8 says:

Great review, you should send amazon and the manufacturer a link to this video, and tell them they might one to change there water resistant description lol.

Adam Knecht says:

you should have left it in the pond

Tom Jones says:

great channel good rev  it looks like it’s worth just about what their asking
  it’s about you did this good job

h20base says:

That is a awesome review..But my only question is how many spots are on the frog?Was it made in another country.?

mysticangells says:

Love the intro…
Great review ..

lilmama 44 says:

Good review, I’m looking for a low cost but decent range-finding monocular for hunting, tried a golf one…OK if ur deer look like golf flags(j.k). u have any of those to review? How did u get into reviewing products? Thanks for the review.

timothy thomas says:

Brother I just found the BEST monocular or” GLASS” which would include gun scopes optics and even the NIKON DSLR I once had . I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents a Carl Zeiss 8×30 Monocular . I believe it is old . However it is clear / no scratches . I checked ebay and found a listing the seller is in germany where these are made . They are listing it for buy it now for $250.00 .

Faisal Mokammel Rana says:

Great video

Vish says:

ahaha the only review in english! thanks

Life is amazing _Osama_ says:


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