Weird lens reviews: Samyang 800mm f/8 Mirror, & 2x telecoverter (with samples)

Mirror lenses are so crazy! Can they be a serious option for a photographer looking to do telephoto work of acceptable quality? Are they fun, or just a fiddly nightmare? Take a look.

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All shots and footage taken on Canon 60D and 6D cameras.

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Pablo Garcia Coutiño says:

what if you used it for video instead of just pictures?

Chris Thomas says:


Doxie Lain says:

f16. ha ha

Pik Pikkabbu says:

If you mount a 800mm lens on an APS-C’s camera, you still have 800mm of focal, but cropped.
Nothing like a 1200mm focal lens.
Mount it on a full frame sensor cámera, and then crop the image and amplify it, you’ll just have the same as yout APS-C mount.

Wayne Langston says:

I happen to have one of these things! Well that is not true, I have a 500 mm. I use this some and all the things he is saying is true. I use it for sometimes. I like mine and also would say to get on if you want.

mannydeguzmanjartist says:

Provided this lens has aperture blades and f stops. Just use f11 to f14 aperture and the photos will be reasonably sharp. f8 lenses are natrually soft wide open. But my TOU Five Star 500mm f8 Prime Preset lens on Nikon D90 could get reasonable birds shots straight out of camera, but rather comparable to bridge digicam superzooms with built in AF lenses.

Ryan Darnell says:

how do you attatch the x2 teleconverter?

EposVox says:

Nice 🙂

Ruwindu Gunatilake says:

I’m wondering. Will this lens be good for astrophotography?

Joe Izca says:

use a speed Booster

runcycleskixc says:

i like the fact that it’s light, compact, and cheap.

michel guidi says:

seul bemol !!! imperatif !!! prise de vue !!! avec trepied!!! sinon bel conception materiel !! robuste !!! a +

Gjoko Zajkov says:

Anyone tried this with Pentax ? they have in body IS.

90AlmostFamous says:

This lens for wildlife?

Lofote says:

03:05: “mirror lenses are manual focus only.” Seems like you never heard about the Minolta or Sony A-mount 500 F8 😀 Yes, that is AF.

Richard Knisely-Marpole says:

The usual myth quoted here. Using a cropped sensor DOES NOT give a longer focal length, it merely gives a cropped image! If you photograph an object at a certain distance with a certain focal length, the image of that object will stay the same size no matter what size sensor (or film) you use!!!!

Ole Krog says:

Really eloquently and interesting review. Well done 🙂

phoenix7289 says:

Very surprised you didn’t take any moon pictures!

William Butcher says:

What is even worse than round bokeh, reuglar hexagon shape bokeh, no curves in the shape too just a straight sided 6 blade apature ting

molan says:

It’s so soft, a Nikon P900 would be a better deal than using this on any dSLR/mirroless.

Neil Williams says:

I just happened to click on your clip as the lens looked like my old Sigma 600mm mirror and was amazed to see that you filmed some of it from the bridge over the A48 by the university just 2 mins walk from my home! It was nice to see Castell Coch and the Whitchurch Hospital tower too 🙂 . Are you local to the area? Neil.

Jonathan Alvarsson says:

I took this picture with one of those:
Hard to work with but very fun! 🙂

Adam Chen says:

Maybe use it on a Pentax or Sony that has IBS? Fun lens!

Freerider says:

It’s like a what not to buy, video. If your budget is low, you will throw away hard earned money on something rather useless, and if you got a good financial income, you would seriously never get this anyway simply because you can afford better glass. I understand the curiosity of course, but it simply feels like a 5 year old is president of that company, and demanded something silly to wack out to the customers.

Simon Goddard says:

Does this lens allow for a front filter and if so is it 105mm?

Patrick Mayer says:

Mirror lenses are manual focus only: there is one exception. The Sony / Minolta AF 500 f/8 reflex is an autofocus lens. Works very well 🙂

Clos MasMas says:

You should try this lens on a mirror less camera with a stabilized sensor

N Dawkins says:

Has anyone use this on a camera with good in-body stabilisation, like an Olympus or recent Panasonic? What can of shutter speeds could you get down to, if so?

MrAdrianSW says:

Managed to get a similar 500mm Mirror lens (Opteka).  With the x2 converter. $80
Tones of fun, and way easier to handle than its long nosed cousin the 500mm Telephoto.  My only quibble with it is Focus…  Its a real bas**rd to get focused some times… especially when you have the x2 adapter on it.

Minton Christian says:

*†hank Yoü 4D Video Review*


F. del Olmo-Pandiella says:

thanks for the video. question i am interested to find one with a adapter for my fuji xt1 + teleconverter? could you direct me to one that i could find a set for my fuji?

please and thanks

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