The Vaonis Stellina Looks to Make Astronomy Telescopes More Accessible at CES 2018

The Vaonis Stellina is looking to make astronomy more accessible for everyone by making a telescope that’s easy to use. No, you don’t look through an eye piece, but simply hook up a smartphone or computer, point the telescope at what you want to look at, and share what you see through its app.




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Calvin C says:

creeping without actually creeping… no more turning away when someone looks at you hahaha

TheWaterbound07 says:

$3000? Hmm pass

Sup says:

Shitty product.

dimitrios lianos says:

Hiuni is much better then this!! and much cheaper … with more light to get in to it!! also eVscope is a very good eyes telescope for eye and camera …. the OneSky 130 … and many many many others … if you search…. you have to find out and learn, do not be lazy!!! …. astronomy is a cool science … so is not bad to be little complicate… also non of the telescopes can work in the city … you have to have low light to zero in a clear sky …. in order to see Messier and other galaxies and star systems.. also if you want to see the sun , you need good filters or your eyes will damage , or a good sun telescope only for the sun

Van S. says:

Who wants to see the images on his/her cellphone!! I might as well google the pictures, and avoid spending hundreds/thousands of $$$!!!

Dedskin Prodcer/DJ says: Maybe he wanted to say , It Very Expensive Hobby 🙂

AL Sutton says:

Oh dear. I’m not convinced.

Santiago Rios says:

1:40 sensor size would be a much better question, anyway they should have aimed for at least 4k

doramason says:

for someone who understands astronomy or astrophotography, this is a total scam. another pump&dump start up, I hope this tech bubble 2.0 will end soon…

Joshua Omer says:

Don’t get me wrong, this is a cool concept (well, would be for 1/10th the price). But…

There is something special about using an actual telescope, putting your eye up to the lense, and having the actual photons from the object(s) your observing hitting your eye, instead of a digital representation.

John Doe says:

Fake ass shit.

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