The New Telescope Arrives

UPDATE* This scope was junk and failed 4 times before it was returned DO NOT BUY NEW MEADE SCOPES THEY ARE JUNK. This clip covers the new LX600 telescope and contains clips of the assembly. I also cover the things I like and dislike about the new system.


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Rob Law says:

Super helpful video…thanks!

blaster12v says:

holy moly ., this is a great telescope .. to bad it cost .like 26,000 euro :o(

flgliderpilot says:

meade telescopes junk right…. ok…

Roy Patterson says:

how much did this thing cost??? It had to be about $10,000 huh? lol

John Karns says:

Amazing equipment!

Jean-Luc Bernhardt says:

I probably will buy a Takahashi Mewlon 250 . . .
Many thanks [ :- )

David Duffy says:

This new equipment should make the complex task of recording chem-trails easier. The question remains, why does the military industrial complex want to encourage extraterrestrial incursion into our atmosphere? Keep up your vital work!

Csab says:

I just subscribed to your channel very coot stuff thanks for sharring, you must be living in the country side so you dont have alot of city ligth ruining your recording.

Anthony Maddox says:

you lost me at chemtrails.

alfayez a says:

the blue one
it is so sexy

Markinpuff says:

Meade junk

Ultrametric says:

There is no chromatic aberration in a Schmidt system of any sort – the corrector plate is too thin and optically weak to introduce that- the correction is for coma (ACF = advanced coma free) in the outlying part of the field of view. A standard classical SCT suffers for edge coma and this new design corrects that. Nice scope!

Cell Micro says:

thumbs up…. u may not know there is an Ai robot camera can help taking care of kids, elders and ur house. And also the Ai Aquaponics robot and 24hr on board Car Surveillance w/ 4G LTE cloud uploading Ai Dashcam robot. This California garage company CAMinux successfully used their Ai-robot to make surveillance and car dashboard cameras at labor-free-cost, HD 1080p price as low as from $20. Search “CAMinux” at Youtube, or the link

Tolga says:

Really dude? Chemtrails? While you are at it, you should go for bigfoot. BTW ACF has nothing to do with CA. It stands for comma free. You said in the video the mount figures out level, why do you care if the tripod doesn’t level perfectly?

Doobie Canoobie says:

Total cost?

tubedude54 says:

I bought my Celestron 12 yrs ago and it came with tripod dampeners.. can’t believe Meade ‘finally’ came out with them in ’14??

Bruce Sees all says:

Heard a lot about your work brother. Hello from Canada.

Chris Blythe says:

pretty cool, cool, really very cool

brphillips3 says:

sorry to hear it failed 4 times. I was looking at this scope but the reviews all said it was junk. the one I looked at had poor fit and finish. I ended up going with the Celestron Edge HD 1100.

Csab says:

oh you in New York ?

humlakullen says:

I lost all interest after he mentioned “chem trails”! Seriously…?

Michael Skokauckas says:

There is nothing wrong with your Giant Field Tripod…It just needs to be adjusted…and that’s not going to happen in your living room. I run the same Giant Field Tripod with my Meade LX90 12 ACF system and have no problems with it. If you need a hand hit me up on my channel and I will get you going… “Clear Skies…”!

sheila summers says:

I’ve been looking at new Meade scopes. I have a 8″ LX200R that I purchased in 2006. It has been an amazing scope. Are these new ones junk? I know Meade has had financial problems.

skepticalvision says:

I really wish people would learn a bit before they spread misinformation.  Firstly it’s a 12″ telescope, it collects 2.25 times the amount of light of an 8″, not hundreds of times as much light.

Secondly, ACF has nothing to do with chromatic aberration. Schmidt Cassegrain, Newtonians, Maksutovs and RC’s etc are all chromatic aberration free designs. Chromatic aberration is ONLY an issue with refracting telescope designs. What ACF stands for Advanced Coma Control.   Coma is the elongation of the pinpoint star image resulting in stars looking like a comma rather than a pinpoint. 

Finally, the anti vibration pads, these are sorborthane pads and have been available from Meade as an optional accessory since the early 90s. There’s nothing new about them whatsoever.  The fact that they are now shipping as part of the telescope package is good news.

corisco tupi says:

Chemtrails?? Seriously?

1949kf says:

“ACF” stands for “Advanced Coma Free”. It has nothing to do with Chromatic Aberration or color error,. CA is restricted to refracting elements (lenses) or refracting telescopes not reflectors which all Schmidt Cassegrains are. The ACF corrects for COMA or the aberration where stars look elongated or have “tails” toward the edge of the field. All Schmidt Cassegrains even the basic versions are nearly completely free of Chromatic aberration except possibly from a poor eyepiece or barlow lens

Gil Zr says:

That thing is a beast!!

Faur says:

“It’s just very precision”


Iman Axbert says:

I cut my astronomy teeth on a Meade 8″classic. Upgraded to an 18″ Starmaster truss tube dobsonian & haven’t looked back. I unloaded the Meade for $10 to an eager family. Aperture rules.

Janet Diaz De Valentin says:

Wow Nice ……..

Andrew Simpson says:

Ive got a Meade LX 10″ from the 90s. is a great scope. Now considering a 10 or 12.. but it’s a shame about Mexico’s lack of quality.

Paa Hawkins says:

Meade’s OTA’s (Optical Tube Assembly) for those who may not know, are top notch. I won’t ever deny them that. But their motors, and mounts always have issues. Everyone has a problem. Even read about issues with the starlock. SMH I love their Cassegrains though. But I’ll stick with Celestron or Orion for the EQ Mounts. Great vid!

P.S. Ton of money down the drain!

Desmond Birch says:

Dear Santa!!! :O)

Michael Skokauckas says:

The Meade LX600 and LX850 Systems are still “new” by backyard astronomy standards.  I can understand that when you drop down the kind of cash that these systems costs…you want the best.  Give them time…they will come around.  Meade is not the only scope on the block having issues…

“Clear Skies”

Wesley Mooney says:

Should of got a lx 90 acf

gtc1961 says:

Thanks for this review, hands down the best one on YouTube for the LX600, it was hard to find, you should put “LX600″ in the title. Anyway, I’m expecting my 12″ version tomorrow. I’m disheartened by what you’ve reported about this scope. I purchased a 10” LX200 about 15 years ago, first one was crap, had to send it back, the next one has been going strong for 15 years in a permanent observatory. I’m praying this one is a good one. I’ve seen a lot of good astrophotography form LX600 owners so I’m hoping I get a good one….if not, it’ll go back!

Zenobiusz Kalar says:

Amazing! Not only the scope, but your dedication to expose the truth and share it, and peoples’s support! A new era is startimg? People are doing great things together, over the Internet. This is exciting!
I wish you extraordinary catches and I will be waiting for them.

Ascending into Peace says:

What telescope did you go with since you did not like this one and returned it? Thanks

Home made science says:

How mutch all that costs if you can tell us ?

Bruiser 38 says:

weird…you don’t seem crazy

Steven Parris Ward says:

“The plastic is scuffed up” er no you are supposed to peel it off. Jeesh.

Dan Tyler says:

Defective tripod, defective Meade scope. Yawn.Pretty standard; Meade make the best optics and scopes, once all the problems get ironed out.I’ve known and red about the story of Meade for decades.

Ragnar Viking says:

Haw much is?

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